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  1. Yes nanna lost so many players reason ddos attacks,but this is the not only reason that server havent much player.Last nanna before this one was opened with li.ru together and %70 of community was russian players not europeans.
  2. oOO :() Wondering skylord and his Best protections against li.ru dex :) bcs i was remember that skylord was spamming in game like this [guys go to li.ru forum and say to admins stop ddos my server :):).)
  3. Too late for today.Tomorrow nanna idk what they trying to do. :) As i said before bad g.o time,also they Failed today. Anyway. ...!
  4. BoH was played on l2mid before 1 year, but yeah he's playing mostly ketrawars. I also heard that he's gm smthing like that at ketrawars.İf rich skylord pay him more he'll join for sure. About other clans like xSide future they said it's too early we will see. Everything depends money as I said :) PS: There's no point to spam about l2mid at this topic. Mid after 1 month and dex gonna open after 10 days.
  5. xSide ,future,nephilims,op ? oo :) let me ask them. As i said probably skylord is rich for this season. Let's see.
  6. Someone lier but idk who,u or djvogas ? I know that, you've talked to excuseme but, he didnt said smthing %100 about your server. Also probably he will ask from you 150 euro for each week.So Could you give him 150 euro for each week ? :) Seems like you're rich for this season.
  7. Even if some russian clans going to join dex like xside,rift, it will be enough bcs they have same cps always.That's mean there will be more russian parties. But I can't speak same about l2mid.Because I can't see any serious side on l2mid, not even 1 european.Weak random sh1ts. Bad g.o time.I feel so bad for l2mid.
  8. Well Rift,Seedoflife yea but there's no any topic about xSide anyway waiting Excuseme to ask him. I hope server will get many ppl. Low clans on l2mid for now sorry. There will be no any competition at l2mid without those clans i mean xside,rift. Europeans sides sh1t so weak.
  9. Why are u going to open this server w/o Lineage.ru ? Dex always better with li.ru. i mean on all Interlude projects. Russian community are better than european also more player.Anyway gl.
  10. I heard that some randoms crying to admin with some funny photos to ban Top Mage,Top Pvper/oly farmer :) So much obsessed with my friend. :) Seems like he made my char famous at ovc. :D The funny thing is that admin listening randoms,maybe they are friends who knows.My friend is really happy and he laughing hard.Have fun.
  11. Well,Nice to see u once again Sait :) We miss loyal ^^ Anyway I'll be here with my pt for this server. qL
  12. Im not talking to u,if u dont know nothing about Saitx, u shouldnt talk about it.I know him verywell. Also Im 25 do not worry. Anyway We'll see gL.