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  1. I am in also :)) Imbalanced just call me a min ago.. and i say COUNT ME :)))
  2. WE ARE ONLINE !!!! Register - http://www.acp.l2sin.com/login Download - https://l2sin.com/downloads/
  3. The interlude community is sadly missing. We are doing our best and we can only hope for good results.
  4. Thank you for you reply, Beast. I really want to make a pleasant gameplay for solo players, because they are a big part of the community and often they are ignored because of the clans. I will be happy to hear you ideas after you check the server. Contact me in skype for beta patch.
  5. Guys, we re going live on 27th Jan. Check our website: www.l2sin.com for more info. The rates are boosted to 250x by players' requests.
  6. We dont want to use the default automated TvT, CTF, DM events. We are trying to build something way more fair and interesting. More info will be released soon. Just stay tuned. ►Website: http://l2sin.com►Forum: http://l2sin.com/forums/►Features: http://l2sin.com/features/►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2sin ►Discord: https://discord.gg/JFa2sAU ►Skype: nikolay_georgiev94
  7. Hello guys, The server is really interesting and contains really cool new features. With new I dont mean new armor style or currency. The features we added are trying to change gaming environment to better. We have focused on the solo players this time hoping they will become groups and offers more sides in the pvp. More info will be released soon. Stay tuned, comment and suggest. Get more info, photos, live previews or beta tests: ►Website: http://l2sin.com►Forum: http://l2sin.com/forums/►Features: http://l2sin.com/features/►Faceboo
  8. Rates: Exp 1-79: x25 Exp 79-80: x2 Adena: x5 Weapon Enchant: 65%+4 –> 35%+16Armor Enchant : 55% +4 –> 30%+8 General: Auto consume Anti buff skill Offline Shops GM Shops NPC Buffer Global GKPremium status Buffs: Buff slots: 20+4 De-buff slots: 4 Time Duration: 60 min Scheme listPremium buffs if players vote for the server. Farm Setup The farm system is Lineage II Sin is working together with the Quests. If you want to farm for something you have to take the right quest. Only adena and materials can be earned by drop. Doing this we let you farm togethe
  9. Hello, I am looking for CTF event for my future project. I am worrking with vang l2off files. Contact me in private if you have something interesting. Dont forget to put ur price also. I dont care if its completed or not. Cheers.
  10. Hello dear friends, I am trying to edit a bit one IPB theme but I faced a problem. I am sure that I will find a help in MXC, so lets go... Once you register in any forum, you get a default avatar. The image is not important. I just want to know how can I set different pictures for each males and females. I am using 3.4.6. Thank you in advance. Cheers.
  11. Random PeeVeePee's + AQ by UnLimiteD group. Reward for newcomer clans: HERE Website: http://l2legacy.net Connect: http://acp.l2legacy.net/login
  12. Lineage II Legacy is ONLINE and waiting for you all. There are no any problems right now and you can enjoy the game with 0 ping, no matter of your location. Website: http://l2legacy.net/ Connect: http://acp.l2legacy.net/ Information about features: http://community.l2legacy.net/index.php?/forum/8-information/ Here is a list of top 10 clans:
  13. The server is running for almost 24h right now w/o any issue. As we promise, we provide an excellent ping for all players.
  14. Lineage 2 Legacy x35 is ONLINE !!!!! Bonus exp for everyone who stood aside us and believed in us! See you in game! http://acp.l2legacy.net/