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  1. You wont find cheaper than adv team selling . Unless you can find someone who can create it for you , but it will be arround that price .
  2. Since im leaving the server,im selling everything. Shyeed's bow (FOCUS)+10 top grade on the server. MJ light set+6 Jewls b set+5. Cloack Belt Some gifts 80euro .
  3. -All champions owned expect the last 5 which spawned in game . -More than 50 skins -15.000 IP . Price : 35e Payment methods: Paypal/PSC .
  4. I need someone to create for me a unique website . Website will include many custom things with automatic tournaments +gameplays . Drop me a PM about what you can do. Payment will be done via paypal .
  5. No its not . already working with it for long time .
  6. As title says. I'm selling automatic events for L2OFF files. -TVT -DM -Capture the flag -TVT price is 50USD -DM price is 50USD -Capture the flag price is 50USD if you want them as package price is 110USD.
  7. As title says. I lack of time this period and im looking for someone who will do some things for me. I'm paying 20$ per hour . PM me or add me @ skype : answercs
  8. As subject says . pm me or write above .
  9. I got almost everything . PM me and ill give you more infos about prices etc. Whoever buys today gets a discount .