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  1. Have that shit :) still working in some servers :)
  2. Looking for dev who have a lot of experience in making (interlude 15x-100x) lineage 2 server's from zero to hero. Send me your work's in private and write how much u want $ for hour.
  3. Because in templestock they are selling some works with dkarts and coolness watermarks on sites (check it). Anyway i don`t think so that "templestock" studio would be taken your or anyone else work's.. I checked that tempelstock company uploaded "Warland" site on 05/09/2019 and you uploaded it on septemer 1 in deviantart...
  4. half of these work's are dkart and coolness studio works...
  5. Hello, selling website psd+code, which havent used.. Contact me email for test: or skype: Parapapapa.mp3
  6. Mostly corrupted server.. 5-6 year's ago still opening this crap server :D
  7. Who can give information about l2jlonely emulator ?:) Is it better when acis and lucera ?