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  1. This is a "upgrade" from epilogue so maybe some zones are missing. https://mega.nz/file/O8ZjxCwB#35qAOU1WT979JMzFq7_HXfmvR4rKrVBondHYKxZGeW8
  2. This is a downgrade from acis interlude for c4 client, You just need to change the npc's ID cuz in c4 are different http://www.mediafire.com/file/kjgurxk5p2z41vh/C4_DOWNGRADE_ACIS.rar/file
  3. Hello, i'm looking for someone who can adapt this code from aCis To a source based on overlord/lostworld (interlude) with teamviewer or anydesk. Paypal or BTC can be the payment method.
  4. i have the same problem with him time ago, I paid him for a job he could not do, In the end I had to accept one of their codes (which I did not use) so as not to keep my hands empty
  5. he make a hotfix for me, all well recommended :)
  6. you really need to try with the geoengine by gvb, is better than aCis and l2jserver, looks like l2off
  7. ye but i want to pay someone for do that
  8. Hello, i'm looking for someone who can change the port in the client side for H5 like 9014 for 9015 and 2106 for 2107 etc. So i can run two servers with different chronicle at the same PC. Payment with paypal. Edit: i don't want to buy monthly protections
  9. you need to fix the bug with class master, bless enchant scroll
  10. wtb a account control panel, with email password recovery/change etc, something simple +installation send pm with your offer
  11. hello, i want to hire someone who can create a multi client system like this https://www.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?/topic/120207-lineage-2-multi-client/&page=2 that patch work on interlude to h5 with the same system folder, but I would like a patch that can also work with the client c4. i'll pay a good price for that.
  12. yes but in this forum you can find good mods or engines(erlandys for example), and if you don't have the source you can adapt it.