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  1. do not do this if u dont know .. its possible to lose server from this
  2. hmm if some1 have a good laptop in his mind up to 450€ , on 17 inch i wanna run a server and do tests out of home ..
  3. if u never find it , i have u a hard way , set max lvl each class and then add a custom skill with hp that need to make it same for all :P
  4. each class have some passive skills , example tanks .. check at their passives and clean them ... then keep testing xd
  5. that laptop where i like its a monster and in EU cost double money like 1.5k thats why i m wonder ...
  6. Hello guys i know this is wrong section , i dont know where i should post .. so if some1 mod wanna move it at right section I m wonder why alibaba prices are so low , i found Laptop Razer OP stats about 600-700 $ Why cost so low ? is safe to buy from alibaba ? can you share please your knowlege abou this? i must pay something extra if i order a laptop at Greece? izizizizizizizizizizizizi
  7. nice work but wings i thing its to much custom for l2 , but exist ppl who like those customs
  8. maybe the most funny feature i ever seen
  9. those changes required a lot of time if u are not familiar .. and when u open a server maybe ppl like this one but if they dont like the project idea ... your time that u spend of not importand features gonna be wasted i say my opinion bcs i have done a lot of unique changes but ppl fint care about .. only the main idea of project