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  1. In few days many hi5 servers opened with same features +- .. why u do this ..
  2. sadly those trash problems take hours to be solved , if i have an idea i will reply for now i cant , later if u are online i can join via TV and check it in real time , i m rly wonder WTF is doing this crap bug
  3. well u can , but as i told u i m not the guy of java , so i dont wanna f@ck your core.
  4. try to create a patch of your changes and apply them at clean frozen ps , i m not good on l2j
  5. try to run a clean frozen pack and spawn there some custom npcs
  6. and why not l2off .. ? if u wanna pay some $$ go at l2off since u wanna no custom
  7. δεν πιστεύω ρε μάγκες το acis να μην έχει ήδη τσέκ για dualbox
  8. [gr] den exw koitaksi pote acis , mono frozen , kai to frozen eixe kapou allo to check me tin ip , twra p den thimame .. pane xronia :) opote psakse kalitera , plus edw prp na grafis sta aglika :P
  9. [gr] malaka klew , den einai toso tragiko auto p zitas , psakse sta config tou server sou , kati me olympiad tha exei sigoyra
  10. (gr) από ποτέ θεωρείται professional ένα team που δίνει φράγκα σε players ?...