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  1. Interface.u > ToolTip.uc > function AddTooltipItemGrade(ItemInfo Item) There you can add your extra icon src and then just simply call it to .dat Also i'm sure you know to add the server side too. You can do more than what you can imagine on Interlude : http://prntscr.com/lutgrn
  2. Human brain can't encrypt something that.. Human brain can't decrypt it..
  3. Frozen have protection for dumb admin's who selling thing lower then the price of item. So you have to set the price of your item 2,000 inside SQL too. Without that protection you can buy it for 2,000 adena and sell it for retail cost. As far as i remember frozen was newbie friendly, so that's the reason of this "protection".
  4. 6% nothing less.. I think donate/vip members have a block for adverticements.. but i was wrong..
  5. Fk... i could sell it :troll: i want % of your code. xD
  6. Rnd enchant on walking every 100m :troll:
  7. Somewhere around is shared one "ingame balancer" for frozen. Start with it and don't waste your money. Propably you will get scammed or you gonna pay a big price.. also i don't know what some peoples mean "balance" Domi vs Sagi and the winner lives with 1HP? This game have many classes cuz is multiplayer game and not "single" as all pvp servers now. 100% agree.
  8. You must check (net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets) CharInfo.java / UserInfo.java