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  1. Hi everyone i need a graphix designer to create a logo for my server, to addapt and make one nice background which will be used in my website and maybe 2-3 images i could use in my client. If anyone is interested to do the job inform me via pm here. I can pay with paypall
  2. I dont have the knowledge to do this thats why i made a topic if theres anyone willing to help but i can pay for cause i didnt receive any help Only tryskel gave me some info about pagination on acis but i use frozen and i cant understand the use of list arrays and bookmarks even if i tried is so hard for my skills
  3. I haven't the knowledge to do this to you want to do the job and get paid?
  4. i tried that but i have to move something else. i tried even change WriteC to writeD and bring me an error yea i tried copy/paste this on the line you already mention but cause i'm newbie in java i dont know what to move to make the ice cream go to ice cream and car to car :)
  5. hi i tried to change spawn protection effect on l2jacis 382 version editing userinfo.java i want to change teamtype to abnormal effect IMPRISION 2 can anyone help me a bit cause i'm too newbie on coding and any help would be most welcome! Thank you!
  6. Still i cant make the lists anyone willing to fix the code and get paid?
  7. Hi guys i created a NPC using source code i use frozen pack. NPC works fine if you're near to him bypass for each faction he use works fine but my problem is that when the character is way from npc and click on it dont go near NPC. Is there any tip to fix this?
  8. Hi guys i try to add more starting items for every characters. i created the tables in sql but i cant find which source file .java i need to edit . I use frozen pack ,Any ideas? i tried charactercreate.java and chartemplate.java already
  9. yes the mob exists. i tried an instance of sailren and it works fine. i can spawn them manually but when i restart the removed again
  10. Guys i use an old pack but when i go to primeval i cant see any of the tyrannosaurus there i tried to find if there is a config disable them but there is none i think is core problem and i cant find the .java file responsible for this. Tyranosaurus dont spawned even added them in database ion sql dont work anyone have something in mind?
  11. Thank you very much mate for your help! i found them! Topic lock!