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  1. Trusted person. delivered on time. Very talented & supportive person, I totally recommend him. Definitely I will work with him in future.
  2. This man is Genius. Trusted, talented and he know what he is doing. I am impressed by his talents.. Not the first time I work with him and it will not be the last for sure.
  3. trusted person.. delivered the compiler and working fine. and was very patient with me totally recommend him.
  4. not fixed (LightFusionMain cannot receive messages.) I am trying to contact you to buy this compiler.. how can I contact you?
  5. hi I have a project need to create new weapons and items. how can I contact you?
  6. I bought an updater and logo from Ave. and I received them with the targeted deadline. he is professional and patient man explaining everything to me. what I liked most from him was he is a quick responding and honest. thank you Ave.
  7. Thank you Tryskell.. that was very helpful
  8. with 0 knowledge, I already have h5 server running online and I add or edit on it. I'm exploring and learning every day thanks to guides and tutorials.
  9. 2 years already. share the password here in topic and seems no one can PM you !!
  10. thank you very much.. most respect to you please see this video and advice: https://gofile.io/d/ua0yNz solved thank you solved .. thank you
  11. really..? you are not answering my question and going around it.. I ask you about specific issue bit you're answering another one. I asked about java and you telling me to edit l2server files ? just tell me you don't know please see this video of my l2server files, I think there is missing files : https://gofile.io/d/ua0yNz
  12. this is what I'm doing for l2server files.. but I'm asking about java for example: ..l2r\gameserver\communitybbs\BoardsManager.java how do I replace it into l2server files?
  13. please be patient with me. I edited ..java\gr\sr\javaBuffer\buffCommunity\dynamicHtmls\GenerateHtmls.java I rebuild (right click on core\build.xml and run as 1 Ant Build) then .. what is the proper files to copy from eclipse destination and replace it with what in the gameserver folder ?
  14. ok, I made this new folder and merged and run the server. after that.. what about if I want to edit using eclipse.. how to save file into this new folder? please explain
  15. any help please. how these Files (L2J_SunriseProject_Core_Clean) and (L2J_SunriseProject_Data_Clean) related to server files?