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  1. The guy behind with the red arrow is you and the front Stalonka. 'nough said :'D
  2. Dumb earther detected ! Beware ! I see this "Tales" since I was born and registered to this forum 2009. I count myself like 20 grand openings minimum with that name + maybe other 200 with different names. 11 years later I see L2 Tales Grand Opening on xx.xx.xx date. It doesn't matter if that is 2 weeks or 16 weeks . This guy does the same shit for YEARS. Fake bot counts, spam ads everywhere and I mean EVER FUCKING WHERE and yet he has NOTHING special to give or to offer. Could he sustain his community ? Could he be more honest and reliable to his people ? I would applaud him but instead he does what everyone knows and even has trolls like you to protect his ass . But, Guess what, he doesn't need anybody's protection. He will continue to earn money. He does his job well on serving the dumbest of the l2 community and besides, you know, I'm actually not against him this needs BALLZ meh. Ps. You gonna play L2 Tales AchYlek ? See ya on next G.O xD We're gonna be a massive bot community aparted from server sided bots and the rest of adrenalines. This is gonna be great !
  3. No you are not bored. You make it for a purpose, to me it has no sense but some idiots will always wonder and give you credits for beeing retarded af. As about next opening, how many times you closed and opened it ? Every 2 weeks you have a grand opening lmao.
  4. Nope, the community nowadays is not capable for such activities. Give them an adrenaline bot instead to watch their monitor farming Mobs.
  5. Don't waste your time with this guy, he is BR and doesn't have money to pay. All he can do is waste your time and then disappear without answering. - Untrusted and unprofessional kid.
  6. +1. There's nothing wrong with SMF.
  7. His 1200 real online (with 900 bots out of 1200) made them unique ^^
  8. 1500 euro Minimum budget if you want to have a decent project + many months of work and your return on that investment has high chances to equal to 0. So I don't try to defend those who open home made servers and never had the intension to do that at all. But : YOU ALL earn money you as java developer, maxtor as advertiser, adrenaline as bot provider, l2help as spoof provider, Sguard as anti - bot provider, facebook, l2sites topzone hopzone, client devs, dedicated host providers and many more that I can't remember right now. And besides all that You dare to fucking talk about how it's all admin faults LMAO. The L2 community of 2005 has been totally transformed in 2010 era, totally transformed in 2015 era and completely fucked up in 2020 era and you never mentioned that. As about those crappy Admins you refer If they didn't exist you wouldn't exist making replies right now with the title "L2J Developer" on a cheating kind of forum so it's better to respect that fact instead of insulting them. And as @Trance said theory and words from practice are 2 completely different worlds not just in L2 business but in general.
  9. Ok then tell me if you find right or wrong my arguments in that reply then and don't take it personal cuz that was not my point.
  10. Perhaps you can try be a creator and let the other creators judge your ugly creation then. Everyone talks about admin faults whilst in the era of it's peak you didn't even know if an admin existed in that game. You logged played never asked GM help never knew if anything like that ever existed. In today's communities player logs first thing he does is not to search the game but to send petition to Admin/GM and start talking about irrelevant things. In addition, there's a whole business to l2, I mean it always used to be but now it's more than ever : Adrenaline, bots, anti-bot systems, interfaces and stuff, stupid advertisements everywhere not exluding this forum and so on and so forth. Everyone makes good money except for the Admins nowadays.
  11. Experienced java dev and he knows stuff deeply that others don't know nowdays. I do recommend him and vouch for him. Trusted and a good guy as well.
  12. Man WTF you talking about ? You can't even offer protection from bots and you talk about prices ? What you sell is worth 0 $ . All your kind of "services" is just a marketing tool to get customers while in reality you offer nothing. Others complain that you can't prevent even spoofing, you admitted you don't prevent adrenaline so why the heck should I pay 300 $ for an edited logo writing Sguard while there's NO guard ? Wake up !
  13. Sorry for breaking your heart and you are in tears while I made clear my point in less than 3 lines something that I'll do it again in less than 5. The main problem of the servers and the purpose of such protection is "Anti Bot Protection" if disagree check again your own logo in the link or your forum signature. Then you say here, that the whole protection thing etc it's main purpose is NOT the "Boting Protection" right ? Well, I'm afraid you have to decide what YOUR main purpose and JOB is and then edit your logo accordingly so you don't misslead me and other clients. "Cheers"