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  1. 100% correct. Agree with all what he said.
  2. Ελπίζω να μην έχει και το admin pass στον Luna όλη η Καλαμάτα. Gn ;)
  3. Κοιτάχτε ύφος το άτομο που μέχρι πρότινως δεν ξέρει πως γίνεται set clan / ally crest. Για σφαλιάρες πραγματικά kappa. Μου θες και λογικά σκουπιδιάρη. Κατ-ίνες κατ'άλλα. Σκου-πί-δι. Εσύ tho. Α το SSL μη ξεχάσεις μπρόου μπορώ εγώ να σε διδάξω είναι πιο εύκολο από το clan crest στο υπόσχομαι.
  5. Promo is hilarious.
  6. Wipe tomorrow 24 August 2019
  7. It's not normal, it happens to all those unbalanced servers out there nowadays. PvP should last longer in a supposely pvp server. So it's not your fault but these gurus who opens such servers.
  8. I never said that you want or I want. Neither does so it's irrelevant to have opinion for something that you'll never try. So it's end of the story. Corrupted as fuck. Yep I am corrupted as fuck as the L2 Epic admin was, as L2 Hayze was as L2 Pride official was corrupted to the bone. See corruption is part of the system either that is said l2 server or society or even politics. You will never find anything that is uncorrupted and if you do so this will not do well. Ps. Just food for thought there and I don't have high demands for my sayings I'm not expecting you to understand them you have brain of amoeba. 'Nough said.
  9. Well trust me I know that guy and he does know. The one who doesn't is you. There are like 32 classes on interlude and you allow just 12 of them to be played mages and archers and in your case not even archers just mages. rename it and you shall be fine.