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  1. It took me 4 years, 3 servers, 2 succeed, 3 fails and still under development for that "Gracia Final Project" to make something decent. Don't waste your time you will need maybe 5 developers working for you 24 / 7 to achieve MAYBE something good.
  2. Ok. I don't know for others and can't answer for that but what I can tell you about me. When you have worked on a project weather that is interlude or whatever. Personally, I have spent thousands of hours thinking, creating, changing, developing, fixing it's potential stuff. And yes that work although it could be re-written or re-coded to a higher server sources let's say, well that has both it's good sides and down sides. BUT (and this is a fact): Asking the community is the key answer to the puzzle in such dilemmas. And you know what the community answers ? "We want to play what we know to play what we have good knowledge and what we remember as lineage 2." So in such situations, this makes admins who want to implement updates and give fresh things to do etc. to take actions like these and take such decisions. This is the full answer to your question and the reason you see all that.
  3. like 25 people play on his server and he tells them to stay it will grow
  4. Ok my question is why you even waste 0.001 seconds of your time to reply to garbages like him ?
  5. No, I'm saying that because there's no use of it and I can have like 100 + with a share in a matter of 1 week but I won't.
  6. tell me a reason reputation matters in this forum ?
  7. PM me if you are interested to know
  8. WTB l2 classic like interface for my client. PM me for more infos.