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  1. Yep, it seems you didn't understand my final point. That's exactly what I wrote. That's the real deal of any server but the quest remains on how you will achieve that target by going against the program or the server's lifetime cycle plus 99.99% of servers fail in that benchmark of the lifespan or business cycle.
  2. @PlayINERA Interesting notes what you have posted and interesting lessons that you've taken. At last and at least. You know, more and more admins who try l2 servers they don't ever, not even seem to understand their own mistakes and since you're to the next step by admitting your own faults/mistakes this takes you to a greater level so grats for that try high five. Allthough, you still have a lot to learn and the community is tired of trial and error learning from admins like you. You are still far from understanding that this game is meant to have an expiration date and those who deny that, just end playing alone their creations. In other words let me clarify that for you. Fact 1. You make a successful grand opening (this is the key for a successful server, you don't and then you already failed within the next 2 days with the lowest activity). Fact 2. After that period of success you know that the downfall will begin to rise day by day and become even stronger until you hit total real 0. What should your reactions be to this physiological process of that game ? Re - balancing ? Keep promising stuff to the people so they don't quit ? Keep them active with online events ? WHATEVER you chose to do and I mean that; WHATEVER you decide to do to postpone it, evey time and everything will come to the same end and have the same result Game Over. Period. Fact 3. Despite the fact that you give 100% of your time, you are the best and most uncorrupted admin ever passed to the l2 game you will fail to keep them playing your shit. A player knows when it's time to leave, no matter what you do he will just quit regardless how pro your server is or how pro you are as a smartass superior gender of administrator kind to the l2 scene. Now let's get to the main point of my post instead of just writting down true facts. This game is meant to always be like that, good ammount of people online when opening -> fun at the mead time -> boring after a while (this can very from a day to a week or to even months in rare cases) -> boring to play the same and the same shit everyday the activity is now lessen -> further drecrease to the activity since some left -> end is now soon -> spasmodic movements from the admin team to save the game -> failed or postponed the server's life for a while -> zombie game unfortunately -> k.o. server closure since 0 online. And my question has as following : Can you change what is programmed by it's nature to be or to happen ? That's the puzzle you have to solve rather than concentrating to just botting or balance and unbalance retard stories and such kind of dilemmas that we hear for almost more than a decade since from brainless players and their fellow admins. Have fun and happy new year to you and the rest humanoids who choose to read my posts through the years.
  3. Ελπίζω να μην έχει και το admin pass στον Luna όλη η Καλαμάτα. Gn ;)
  4. Κοιτάχτε ύφος το άτομο που μέχρι πρότινως δεν ξέρει πως γίνεται set clan / ally crest. Για σφαλιάρες πραγματικά kappa. Μου θες και λογικά σκουπιδιάρη. Κατ-ίνες κατ'άλλα. Σκου-πί-δι. Εσύ tho. Α το SSL μη ξεχάσεις μπρόου μπορώ εγώ να σε διδάξω είναι πιο εύκολο από το clan crest στο υπόσχομαι.
  6. Wipe tomorrow 24 August 2019
  7. It's not normal, it happens to all those unbalanced servers out there nowadays. PvP should last longer in a supposely pvp server. So it's not your fault but these gurus who opens such servers.
  8. I never said that you want or I want. Neither does so it's irrelevant to have opinion for something that you'll never try. So it's end of the story. Corrupted as fuck. Yep I am corrupted as fuck as the L2 Epic admin was, as L2 Hayze was as L2 Pride official was corrupted to the bone. See corruption is part of the system either that is said l2 server or society or even politics. You will never find anything that is uncorrupted and if you do so this will not do well. Ps. Just food for thought there and I don't have high demands for my sayings I'm not expecting you to understand them you have brain of amoeba. 'Nough said.