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  1. It's not normal, it happens to all those unbalanced servers out there nowadays. PvP should last longer in a supposely pvp server. So it's not your fault but these gurus who opens such servers.
  2. I never said that you want or I want. Neither does so it's irrelevant to have opinion for something that you'll never try. So it's end of the story. Corrupted as fuck. Yep I am corrupted as fuck as the L2 Epic admin was, as L2 Hayze was as L2 Pride official was corrupted to the bone. See corruption is part of the system either that is said l2 server or society or even politics. You will never find anything that is uncorrupted and if you do so this will not do well. Ps. Just food for thought there and I don't have high demands for my sayings I'm not expecting you to understand them you have brain of amoeba. 'Nough said.
  3. Well trust me I know that guy and he does know. The one who doesn't is you. There are like 32 classes on interlude and you allow just 12 of them to be played mages and archers and in your case not even archers just mages. l2mageovc.org rename it and you shall be fine.
  4. Nice, I'm happy for you then
  5. I made my points and criticism for your server. Get a plan. Work hard to achieve it. Give features that are responding to a quality gameplay and people will follow you. But you give 0 effort and this happens. Just re-opening it would not give you better luck.
  6. My server had it's good and it's bad moments 3 years ago most of the momentum was good tho. People who played and liked it are continuesly asking for it 3 years later and there's a reason for that. Of course, people like you wouldn't be allowed to play by me of course, and would always get banned no matter what. The only server you deserve is a pride pack copy like Crabbed, Vehiron, Destruction, Hayze, Pridereborn, Eternalpride etc etc. You were and won't be part of my community so it's best for you to shut up. PS: Let's see what you were saying for L2 OVC back in 2016 Lul https://i.imgur.com/kCYV0ry.png IMAGINE what happens after the 354560th fail now in 2019 LOL LOL
  7. Guest star * please. Btw I'm chill. Players aren't cuz there's nothing good to play
  8. Exactly. All I see they do nowadays is use the same old packs again and again, change client interfaces and names and put it back online. No plan, no work, no strategy 0 effort. This is ridiculous.
  9. Since you got bored developing the project you created why you even care replying everytime someone refers it's name ? Just curious spoon guy
  10. It's the worst server I joined in my 15 year l2 playing career. It was so disturbing what I saw that I closed and fastly uninstalled in the first 5 mins beeing online.
  11. And now you lowered the price even more than what I suggested you to 50. Yea despite the insults, it seems that you realized that what we posted on that topic is correct and I'm happy you recognize it, it gives me a bonus that I was right.
  12. 1) You might not know me but I know YOU. (Since you used to play to numerous of my server editions). 2) Too bad, you were the most pro SK tank I ever me in L2 even better than ZipO. 3) Complex, I remember you had a lot of that too on your posts on fixing the server balancing topic ideas in the past. Well, I tell you that: You must do compromises if you wanna play something decenet and it might not be 100% as you want it. And in that case it will possibly never be unless it's your own server creating it for covering your playing needs. 'nough said*.