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  1. u working 2 hard @fnkstr there u go
  2. but he says thats not happening always so the caching gives this error imo in client side
  3. editing xdat causes that. there is also a way to increase fps with it but it still causes lag. solution is using retail one.
  4. use a clean client, increase the virtual memory on computer's settings and let the l2.exe run with more rams by checking allow app handle 2gb+ ram using explorer suite. if u are the server owner; take a look to knownlist/teleport task which updates knownlist wrong. if u have no idea on java, delete unnecessary npcs on giran.
  5. im sorry. u right all by ur words. im really sorry
  6. so you will have access to it and flame it ;) think about. u just a braindead. all over my posts and u still thinking im a dev, working on a pack to open server. im just a fucking player since 2005 and playing this game cuz im having fun. I JUST BOUGH 8600k instead a better multicored one JUST TO PLAY LINEAGE2 in HIGHER FPS. 8600k was one of the top when i bought that pc. //EDIT Still waiting some print of people that are rude from aCis community, also give me some print that you are helping someone on HELP sections. im not wasting my time on this also. already made 3 videos since the first one was already clear. just ask them "if u guys ever talk to someone bad or wry over maxcheaters? ever?" or simply check old posts of those ppl. im not a newbie on this forum, just to know. also had another account very years ago that lost information already. take care of urself since its a miracle that u still alive with that brain.
  7. im not fucking developing acis cuz its bad pack even worse than frozen get the point of my words. if i wanna develop anything i can create my own from scratch but the pack u working on it isnt worth to waste time on it. get better boy
  8. the fun part is; this guys underestimate jfrozen and calling it bad, shit, broken all over the forum and their 10 years work was shittier than this frozen pack lol. i dont give a fuk to both pack. i already told that here the problem nowadays everybody is using their pack cuz ppl working on it so they copy and opens the server all the same. i dont wanna play below 60 fps on pvps or i dont wanna learn new rules that completely different from other packs. why would i cant take target when im on a fucking debuff? i can tell you hella shits that would NOT work like that way in l2off but they implants and calls that "like l2off" im playing this game since c3, no other game takes my attention. just this guys are so rude, they flaming to other ppl and makes every other ppl use their pack but they develops it so bad. dont be a blindfuck u not even on their team to develop but u fucking keep typing aCis where is the point of that shit acis or C. u just a sucker and have no priv to talk to me over here again u made me mad lol
  9. @Tryskell @Rootware oh btw if u not satisfied enough i will give you my pc via teamviewer so u can build&test ur failure by urself. 100$ to access.
  10. ye sure, agree. since u good enough to READ atleast u will know that already those errors tooks few mins to fix.
  11. simple errors that isnt even worth to waste my time to fix on a shit pack. keep sucking those ppl
  12. it burns, isnt it? 10 years? livestream?
  13. if ur geodata files was .l2j i will take a look at it