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  1. as i understand the problem u mentioning about cannot see target. %99 of the time u can solve the problem by just fixing npc's z loc and a little tweak on geoengine. one sip on my coffee will be enough to solve it 😛 i can even waste way more time by making coffee for myself :d
  2. if (Config.ANNOUNCE_PK_PVP && !pk.isGM()) { String msg = ""; if (getPvpFlag() == 0) { msg = Config.ANNOUNCE_PK_MSG.replace("$killer", pk.getName()).replace("$target", getName()); if (Config.ANNOUNCE_PK_PVP_NORMAL_MESSAGE) { SystemMessage sm = SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.S1); change this to; SystemMessage sm = SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.anything); insert the id that u put into SystemMessageId, open systemmsg-e, add the id, name it $s1 $s2, put the color u want to that system message
  3. heights are okay but radius of all females are broken like dwarfs
  4. not just elfs, entire female set scales are missing
  5. limiting attack speed just a quick fix and not %100 to prevent it from happening. calling another action executes the previous actions. like you attacking a mob and then targeting to npc so your attack action stops and creates an interact&move to pawn action. just to be clear. if u do any action while auto attacking; that executes previous attack action's restrictions and creates a new one so thats why this is happening. since auto attacking isnt continuously being triggered on every attack; i suggest you to call an actionfailed packet before any action for a quick fix. so if u do any action and then try to attack again; instead keeping the current auto attacks, you create a fresh auto attack task. that may stress the server but prevents the bug from happening.
  6. whats the pack based on? like vanganth has a quick fix for that you may not need to work on source
  7. since its l2off c4 try using spiritshots manually to see if there is a diff. it looks like skill doesnt allow the spiritshot effect at first when u spam the skill. might be hardware but pretty sure its up to auto spiritshot usage cuz your hittime also changes, not just the animation.
  8. nowadays almost everyone knows how to develop, back in time only real "developers" was opening servers. players split on different servers, clans knows there is a new server will be opening in 2-3 days so if they losing a server; instead trying to gear/farm up they just join to another server, there is nothing left to explore for old players, theres everything unknown to java pvp starters(hella ppl exist that still have no idea how to buff up-i have seen a guy left from server in front of me cuz server havent auto buff list on buffer:D-, which dyes to put, how to craft, basically even class quests. so if someone opens a server, even if its perfect they just cant satisfy those people in same time. someone wants to explore new things, someone wants to play on a copy paste server(like l2gold players, acis based java crap brasil server players, l2damage players as u know :b you just cant force those players to play on a different styled server cuz it will be like a new game for them), someone just want to play for win-you know like a competition game- they just missing the point that this is a game also we all grown up now, aint nobody got time to farm that much so having fun on servers for 1-2 weeks was quite enough.
  9. does it also moves when u hold ctrl while attacking?
  10. files already decrypted, could be encrypted when saved. which client is that
  11. https://prnt.sc/scjugi -clean https://prnt.sc/sck0um -updated i dont have full patch of l2dex, just system. also if you give me access of a cardinal & dominator account i will take a look to the skills to improve this patch -patch doesnt have interface edits but as i see on the livestreams the server's interface has problems, that causes freezing ingame. so i didnt touched the interface files but there is no checksum on that, you can rewrite your very own over server's interface(there is few checks on server's interface so using any h5 interface makes you get dc. better stick with server's own interface and edit it) files based on high five -if you want me to edit this interface to boost your fps up to +~%150(compared to clean patch) the price changes. but still, you will feel the freezes cuz i have no time to remake this poor interface from stracth -there is also bad optimizations exist on server side so this is the peek of client edit. rest up to server's files and the amount of ppl on pvps. here is a reference video of me playing over 60fps on mass pvps(i have updated my patch after this video by about %70. also as you can see except group heal; all the effects been showing) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zgpXaFQL54 price 20eur. inbox or alihankaraca@windowslive.com
  12. u working 2 hard @fnkstrhttps://cloud.mail.ru/public/K2on/Gwyp5oRpd there u go
  13. but he says thats not happening always so the caching gives this error imo in client side
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