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  1. whats the pack based on? like vanganth has a quick fix for that you may not need to work on source
  2. since its l2off c4 try using spiritshots manually to see if there is a diff. it looks like skill doesnt allow the spiritshot effect at first when u spam the skill. might be hardware but pretty sure its up to auto spiritshot usage cuz your hittime also changes, not just the animation.
  3. nowadays almost everyone knows how to develop, back in time only real "developers" was opening servers. players split on different servers, clans knows there is a new server will be opening in 2-3 days so if they losing a server; instead trying to gear/farm up they just join to another server, there is nothing left to explore for old players, theres everything unknown to java pvp starters(hella ppl exist that still have no idea how to buff up-i have seen a guy left from server in front of me cuz server havent auto buff list on buffer:D-, which dyes to put, how to craft, basically even
  4. does it also moves when u hold ctrl while attacking?
  5. files already decrypted, could be encrypted when saved. which client is that
  6. https://prnt.sc/scjugi -clean https://prnt.sc/sck0um -updated i dont have full patch of l2dex, just system. also if you give me access of a cardinal & dominator account i will take a look to the skills to improve this patch -patch doesnt have interface edits but as i see on the livestreams the server's interface has problems, that causes freezing ingame. so i didnt touched the interface files but there is no checksum on that, you can rewrite your very own over server's interface(there is few checks on server's interface so using any h5 interface makes you get dc. better stick