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  1. nah, but still newer one than l2dream using do better https://prnt.sc/nsf5uf
  2. why u talking like u dont know me? u just embarrassing urself, tried to warn u friendly lol shame
  3. how embarrassing to see someone elses ignorance in this way? i mean how thats even possible knowing something by having no idea about it? let me be clear with u alex, so stop thinking u right and stop disgrace urself talking in a way to make u understand first; all the imports are all same on every pack. like lets talk about resists. the power of the resist buffs are same cuz they all copied the exact value from l2off. like if unholy resistance gives %30 resist, it isnt giving %40 or 50 on another pack. or isnt decreasing more/less damage on different packs. its the same, it gives the exact same amount of resist. or if u just get a pack, put shop, buffer and few places to farm/pvp and open the server; -talking about ur way that u described lucera- a gladiator comes by and oneshots u. it doesnt matter what pack u using cuz the damages on all packs almost the same. -im saying almost cuz its broken even on a clean acis pack lol- acis still not ready for a live server, lucera is slow, clumsy tbh ppl arent using off files cuz java is cheaper. like if u want to put customs on off packs it also easy but u need a better server machine to run the off files. and also all the ppl out there sharing codes for java packs thats why they using javas. people searches google, finds few shared codes, puts the codes to their server and opens it thats why players complain. since it tooks me an entire day to a week to fix one class. but ppl thinks in this way the servers & their owners u noticed have no idea about this game. maybe they played it 10 years ago for a month.. maybe.. and now they wants to earn easy money thats all. they pays a developer, opens server. so this is where ur point comes. its all up to developers, not the pack. if the same developer of lucera starts work on acis-they wont but lets say so- fixs the server in same quality.
  4. and then why ppl complain about my server's balance
  5. i believe he wants that aura shown only on party members so it will be easy to follow-up during massive pvps. simply broadcast the aura to party members
  6. i just had frozen ready to compare. im not giving any single fuck to both packs im basicly a player and noticed when ppl start using acis that much; my fps goes worse than 15 years ago. at first i thought thats happening cuz anticheat programs has been coded poorly that causes this kind of fps drops. and yesterday i just wanted to test acis to see whats going on. clean pack, rev 370. u can try it urself instead flaming. oh btw actually im giving fucks about acis developments. tried it few years ago to check; it was crap. checked yesterday a lil and now going to see detailed what u guys done with it overall but i believe its still the same. sorry boyz. 10 years for nothing "Because, you maybe spawned 10000 valakas behind, and your screenshot doesn't prove much." the meaning of this post; im just having low fps on acis packs also the same issue on lucera in different way, dont get it that personal. second; dont accuse. amnı evvliyatını sikr, topal brakr, bütün uğraşnı 1 haftda yrin dibne sokarm amn ibnsi seni
  7. https://prnt.sc/nioe7m - u know, every single dev being forced to use this one cuz the owners of this pack flames the rest pack devs over this forum for years. so %99 of the java servers that u playing; been made by this pack except russian ones https://prnt.sc/nioedk - jfrozen
  8. here u go https://www.mediafire.com/file/pnozb8jj4e1zkjd/InterfaceTextures.rar/file *insert into systextures
  9. but ur interface calls for that texture on the one that u sent me
  10. nah, u missing a systex on the patch that displays the icons at back InterfaceTextures.Potions_BoxMP interfacetextures.utx i believe the file name, check it
  11. https://youtu.be/cmVCtPg0y6I sales working for per place not whole files. u will ask a specific place and i will edit&give it to you. https://youtu.be/D5K92Uwswf8 off-like movement. coded&tested @jfrozen also there is a lot of off-like stuffs exist on my pack but i dont remember what i've did. working on pack over years, its hard to remember. just ask me anything u want and i can help u if i have it. https://facebook.com/realihankaraca (pm) alihankaraca@windowslive.com