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  1. this link. awhile playing then will get this bug. i dont know when this bug come from. but only some people get this bug. get very low damage when pvp. some time attack in 10 + only if re login this bug will gone... Then get normal gamage is 1-200+ some one please help me. i dont know where how to do
  2. who can help me please pm me. i pay 50 us i using l2jserver 6670
  3. Hello. who can help me adapt to my server and running on my server with no problem i pay you 50 US Please pm me. i using l2jserver SV-6670 DP-10490
  4. hello i need the code something like when doing action the return to the character lobby can some one have any idea?
  5. Like this? if (L2World.getInstance().getPlayers().stream().filter(s -> s.IP().equalsIgnoreCase(activeChar.getIP( > 2) { activeChar.close(false); return; }
  6. if (L2World.getInstance().getPlayers().stream().filter(s -> s.IP().equalsIgnoreCase(activeChar.getIP()).count() > 2) { activeChar.close(false); return; } How to fix this problem please I using l2jserver 6670
  7. Hi i want to know how to set 1 ip can play 2 char online only . If use 3 cha will get disconnect on 3nd cha can help me please? i try many code but cannot noting happen.🥲🥲🥲 can some one how to create and where to use the code in please
  8. I want to set 1 ip can play 2 char online only . If use 3 cha will get disconnect on 3nd cha can help me please? I want to set 1 ip can play 2 char online only . If use 3 cha will get disconnect on 3nd cha can help me please?
  9. I using this code for Max_ip online but noting heppen I doing the code correct? some 1 please help. sorry for my ENG I using l2jserver 6670------ here is the code... at server.properties ------------------------ # MAX IP MaxIp = 2 at L2pcinstance ------------------------------ public void findDualBox(L2PcInstance activeChar) { Map<String, List<L2PcInstance>> ipMap = new HashMap<>(); String ip = ""; int multibox = Config.MAX_IP; final Map<String, Integer> dualboxIPs = new HashMap<>(); for (L2PcInstance player : L2World.getInstance().getPlayers()) { ip = player.getIP(); if (ipMap.get(ip) == null) { ipMap.put(ip, new ArrayList<L2PcInstance>()); } ipMap.get(ip).add(player); if (ipMap.get(ip).size() >= multibox) { Integer count = dualboxIPs.get(ip); if (count == null) { dualboxIPs.put(ip, multibox); } else { dualboxIPs.put(ip, count++); } } } List<String> keys = new ArrayList<>(dualboxIPs.keySet()); Collections.sort(keys, (left, right) -> dualboxIPs.get(left).compareTo(dualboxIPs.get(right))); Collections.reverse(keys); for (String dualboxIP : keys) { findCharacterByIp(activeChar, dualboxIP); } } /** * @return */ private String getIP() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return null; } private void findCharacterByIp(L2PcInstance activeChar, String IpAdress) throws IllegalArgumentException { boolean findDisconnected = false; if (IpAdress.equals("disconnected")) { findDisconnected = true; } else { if (!IpAdress.matches("^(?:(?:[0-9]|[1-9][0-9]|1[0-9][0-9]|2(?:[0-4][0-9]|5[0-5]))\\.){3}(?:[0-9]|[1-9][0-9]|1[0-9][0-9]|2(?:[0-4][0-9]|5[0-5]))$")) { throw new IllegalArgumentException("Malformed IPv4 number"); } } String ip = ""; for (L2PcInstance player : L2World.getInstance().getPlayers()) { if (findDisconnected) { continue; } ip = player.getIP(); if (!ip.equals(IpAdress)) { continue; } } stopDualbox(); logout(); antiDualbox(); } public static void startAntiDualTask(L2PcInstance player) { player.antiDualbox(); } public static ScheduledFuture<?> _antiDualbox; private static void stopDualbox() { if (_antiDualbox != null) { _antiDualbox.cancel(false); _antiDualbox = null; } } public void antiDualbox() { _antiDualbox = ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleAi(new startDualbox(), 300000); } private class startDualbox implements Runnable { public startDualbox() { findDualBox(_plD); } @Override public void run() { } } L2PcInstance _plD; }
  10. Can i get new? Or have any source new for l2mythras? Thank you
  11. When get allplayer online also got problem how to fix it? Please some one help me Please how to fix it? Can you help me?
  12. # Max Chars per HWID MaxChars = 2 cannot use. when i set this is to 2 when all people online many people cant login alway show cant login more than 2 character but only just login for 1 character also cannot T_T some time set to 3,4,5 also cannot btw can any onyone have code for IP limit for 2 character for one pc? something like that thank you
  13. can i have you discord? thank i am a new for discord sorry
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