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  1. You have no idea what you are talking about. p.s. Updated: *Added Screen *More Details *Compiled Files
  2. https://prnt.sc/q4lwy2 Login server for all types of clients: ts1-ts5, interlude, hellbound, grace all parts, freya, hi-fi, year avening, leader It is written entirely in C ++, at the same time the x32 and x64 versions are available. Simultaneous support of any customers from TS0 to GOD Epeisodion inclusive. Works on ts0, ts1 ts4 gf assemblies. Does not contain dll, is a full-fledged separate application. There is protection against brute akk and full c6 encryption, auto-registration. At the developmental stage, early alpha may crash. Interface: Russian, English
  3. HF AI Source https://mega.nz/#!rWJy2QpI!rUaf4_A5RkxVN3YHQKEFMmBjl7hupw1J9WBt9vHOadY
  4. Hello, I found tools for epilogue but i need one that will work with H5.
  5. Hello, Firstly thanks for your share, i get this error on advext H5: Decompile ai_a_seed_elite_monsterPHP Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: Function 268632201 not found in C:\Users\samar\Downloads\nasc-decompiler-master\core\data.php:67 Stack trace: #0 C:\Users\samar\Downloads\nasc-decompiler-master\core\parser.php(443): Data->getFunction(268632201) #1 C:\Users\samar\Downloads\nasc-decompiler-master\core\parser.php(117): Parser->parseFuncCall(Object(Token)) #2 C:\Users\samar\Downloads\nasc-decompiler-master\core\main.php(271): Parser->parseClass(Object(To
  6. Amazing work, i would wish and love to have it for H5 hope you will manage to do it one day. p.s. If i am not mistaken Eressea is working on H5 i noticed post same days back but can't find it any more.
  7. Hello, Lets keep it here as well, i believe there is some issue with L2OffCrypto https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2ACP-Web/issues/16
  8. PhP Stats Castle, 7Sings, Acc, Heros, PvP-PK Tops, Clan and Boss Stats All for L2OFF i need those, also will appreciate all the php support that
  9. Server is configured and ruining i need compiled version of your web app. there is no visual studio on server computer to compile it myself.
  10. This looks amazing, i am on my windows server 2008 os, can you kindly share the compiled file for testing
  11. Thank you for the quote, but i need something ready and not necessarily free.