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  1. hello you have c4 server files?tyin advance


    1. Kara


      There are lisvus files

  2. Μην γελάς είναι το μόνο Greek Community στην Ελλάδα που ασχολείται. Καλό είναι και αυτό από την 1α :)
  3. Where's the point ? It is working only in your PC not unlock in the account. Anyway Good Work :) -Zelan
  4. I delete the story and keep only the Quetions :3 If you know the book or someway to find the solution in the google post it, Thanks.
  5. This is an excerpt from a book and maybe is the answer can you help ? :) Task 1 - the Time class 15 marks The Time class provided already has two methods getElapsedTime and getTotalMinutes. There will be no need to make changes to getElapsedTime, but you will need to amend getTotalMinutes. 1.1 Amend Time class so that it has two private fields of type int to represent the elements of time: hour and minute. 1.2 Provide a constructor which has no parameters and initialises the time to midnight (0hr 0 min). 1.3 Write a private mutator setHour w
  6. Hello amigoz, In this Guide Im gonna show you how you will remove the Adobe Air debug error. I am sure you be angry if you take this error in the time of the game or in the time you pic in the champion. Anyway let's start is very easy. 1) Download and Install the new version of Adobe Air Art SDK. - Download TURN OFF THE LOL's APPLICATIONS 2) Go to the LoL directory/folder Exampler : Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0 3) Delete everything inside (YES everything all wtf u don't understand? :t
  7. Indeed ;D A guy with brain +1 Fortuna (Irelia's Lover) 8)