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  1. who did insult? are u a deaspamer? why everytime on this topic everyone goes offtopic? there should be rules? Offtopic(have to answer on attack from italy to greece):Yes everything on greece suck (internet/economy/every system) but i am proud being greek and i ll always be.Just go to ur mafia and stop talking about greece.
  2. Just to let you know (as i am from greece and this guy is from greece also) Sometimes in greece website goes down (just for 1-2 or 3 hours) and then it is online for (1-2 hours) but its okay (still get what i want)[you have to be very pattience here in greece everything suck]
  3. Tried to talk with this guy and he cant speak english.
  4. Just done a trade - coding service with this guy and i can say he is trusted(and also has low prices). Vouch for him !
  5. Ceptimus

    Agora H/Y

    Xrhmata apo 600-700 euro Kurios gia football manager. Akoma kai metaxhrhsmeno apla peite mou timh kai xarakthristika.
  6. First post editing. I am looking for an edit program.