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  1. Good afternoon dear Sguard and thank you for your reply. Every order is different and price varies , for example for a standard server setup and configuration we could charge about 100 euro. But it doesn't means anything , as i said before , every customer is unique and every order is different , thats why need to talk with everybody for droping the prices after. For the moment we provide tech support to a couple of servers and successfully running 8 others. I had forgotten to note that we are the only ones in market that we could provide commercial invoices as well, because we are a licenced European union MOSS company (14609785).
  2. Since we cant cover your needs you have not a place here. Wishing you to have a nice day.
  3. I had forgotten how immature people in this forum could be. But thank you for your comment. Well , we dont use any standard pack or project , every project is unique based on people needs. Unfortunately yes , since everything is unique , if you are curious about something , you have to ask for it.
  4. Well i post this advertisement for the favor of Innotivex OU and is about creating a lineage2 server without any programming or coding knowledge. Every lineage client is supported and all kind of services are possible. C6 or Hi5 , doesnt matter , just ask for it and we will deliver it. You can also request more services like logo design. Webserver and l2server hosting or website we even offer DDOS protection and internet dedicated internet lines. Just click on the image bellow to start a conversation with us on messenger. https://m.me/1990624947685337 We speak English , Estonian and Greek Alternatively you can send us an email on info@innotivex.com We do offer Facebook , Email , Viber , Telegram and phone support. Your requests are welcome.