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  1. Trading your League of Legends Season 12 Ranked Accounts for fresh mmr botted accounts or CS:GO Skins For more info feel free to dm me on discord : Felony#8412 or join my server https://discord.gg/WmkAJDp
  2. Hello looking BUY interlude pvp server files custom/no custom my concat: skype:+447712303753 or discord:Mandalorietis#0486
  3. Hello dear Friends & Customers */* P2P trading */* 8+ Years Trading experience */* lots feedback and reviews on other site ´ s. !Buying/Selling Following! -Gift cards- [Ebay, Nike, Walmart, Amazon, Itunes, Googleplay, Steam, Target, Best buy, Home depot, Sephora, Nordstrom, Lowes] --- -Visa/Mastercards- [Onevanilla, Vanilla visa, Myvanilla, Any American Express, Serve, Walmart visa, Walmart moneycard, Target visa, Visa gift card, Gobank, Greendot, ePay] --- Buying Bitcoin / Litecoin / Ethereum / USDT / Bitcoin Cash. [For Naira / GHS / XAF / INR / KES / USD / EUR / GBP / AUD / CAD] ___ Walmart, Gobank, Go2bank, Apple pay, Greendot, Serve, Bluebird, Google pay, Zelle pay, Cash app, Chime email to email transfers and spending... (for spending need login and card info) If you ready for any serious work - then Contact and lets discuss about reasonable & best price for both. Whatsapp* +37256135115 Telegram* wAmreek ICQ* 725962050 *ContactForSeriousWork* [You will like work with us, then You always can share my number to your serious friends who looking for trade tho]
  4. WTS Adena on Reborn x3 1 = 0,45 euro Stock: 0kk Middleman can be used, at buyers expense. Payment: PayPal
  5. I will give free services on java just because here everyone is a god of java! I will offer my help for free of course when i am not busy and ofc if i can do the task! Doing this to help all newbies and avoid scams or egopathetic people My discord is Amenadiel#2435
  6. Wtt Items Adena Reborn x1 > x3
  7. First Hello all , we buy/sell daily lots of cards - list below...* Full list of gift cards *If you have/need anything - ask for rate by chat. [we use and reply fast by whatsapp/telegram - details below]Amazon, target, walmart, gobank,best buy, nike, nordstrom,amex, macy´s, ebay, lowe´s, itunes, apple store,gamestop, onevanilla, google play, Razer gold,walmart visa, target visa, steam,playstation, offgamers.com, sephora, home depot, walmart moneycard, all times of american express cards.*Also we buy every day lots of Bitcoins, Litecoins and Etherum - Payment by bank (naira) , alipay, mobile money, western union, transferwise, moneygram, UPI transfer, xoom, skrill, neteller.For serious work , contact with us via messengerWHATSAPP / TELEGRAM +37256135115ICQ: 725962050Serious and honest suppliers/clients are welcome ! Time wasters, stay away!King Regards.
  8. Wtt From Paysafe to Paypal? PM me FB: https://facebook.com/GiwrgosPantosCukur7/ Skype: live:gpantosl2
  9. If there are any streamers here on maxcheaters, here’s a tool I’m building for a java course I’m following. It is completely free to use, no behind the walls payments. Livestreaming tools suite Quickly set up a full spectrum of livestreaming widgets including Livestreaming Countdowns, Youtube Like Counters, Youtube Subscribers Goal, Dynamic Giveaway System. Widgets that may be completely customized and used as browser sources in any of your favorite streaming sotwares, such as OBS or Streamlabs. In less than a minute, you'll have access to a completely free suite of interesting widgets that you can edit to fit your streaming overlay exactly. Intuitive user interface We employ a clean and basic UI that makes the platform simple to use for anyone; all you have to do is use your imagination to mix and match colors, sizes, and fonts (almost every Google font is available on our platform). https://streamcd.net
  10. Hello, i m selling 56 lvl Hawkeye in l2reborn. Charracter is empty. I can sell for adena in game, for 200kk or i m open for your offers.
  11. As the title says, will exchange your crypto to my paypal or my paypal to your crypto FEE: 20% (for big orders can do some discount) Discord: ! MrPro#5193 Telegram: @alexdagres FB: https://www.facebook.com/alexander.dagres/
  12. WTT 8kk Adena from Etina to adena(or items) in Classic Giran or Aden Elcardia.
  13. DISCORD DM ADVERTISING :: Unlimited Target Servers: Decide how many and which servers you want to target. Customizable Messages: we could DM multiple messages as well. Price: $0.018 per DM. Minimum is 300 DMs. This is handled manually, so after you place the order, the process will start within 12-24 hours. You are required to send a ''Never Expires" discord invite to the server you want to mass DM on(NOT YOUR OWN SERVER). Please be aware that offline discord members are hidden from a discord server if the member count is above 1k. So, if your target server has more than 1k members, make sure the purchase quantity doesn't exceed the online members. Terms: You don't have to pay in full. We could start with half the payment. You could pay other half when you start to see progress. We do not allow adult content, or some fake advertising to lure people to send you money. This is a members DM advertising service; DM a number of members with your message. This is not a nitro boosting service. Don't use this service in any malicious way. You may email us at mystt06@gmail.com.
  14. I need someone with experience in java to create an ingame autofarm for Lineage 2 Hi5 Requirements: - Similar with the most common used autofarmers , shortcut page 10 - lock start point and return to the center if exit the programed range - adjustable range 500-1000-1500-2000 - lock single monster target - (Optional) visible target range when you input the range area
  15. Buying Selling Lineage 2 Adena I do not trade with reseller ! How to know the price of ur adena↓ 1.Send a pm to me 2.Add our my contact 3.Tell me the game name and amount Payment method there ↓ Paypal Webmoney Skrill Bitcoin if your method is not in this list, you can tell me and I will see what I can do ◕‿◕ Ways of Contact ↓ ☎ DISCORD SERVER: ↔ 8GH4XqYeQt Our skype ↔ live:.cid.dc35aa1c2df43422 Discord ↔ mmohub#0333
  16. Venho ate vocês apresentar nosso projeto. L2-JDev Informações do Projeto Private L2JDev - Interlude XP 1x SP 1x ADENA 1x Bosses: Tanto os Raid quanto os Grand Bosses todos foram testados e estão funcionando. "Grand Bosses" Quest Retail. Siege: Todos os Castles funcionando normalmente e todas as funcionalidades 100%. "GuardSiege" Funcional. Siege Hall: Todos os Siege Hall estão funcionando como no L2OFF perfeitamente. Fortress: Funcionando como L2OFF perfeitamente. Olympiad: Retail completamente funcional. ServerSings: Sings e suas Quest/Drops para Lilith Funcional como L2OFF Dimension Rift: Todas foram testados e funciona perfeitamente como L2OFF Four Sepulchers: Foram testados e funciona Perfeitamente como L2OFF Instance/Catacombs/Necropolis: Todas suas Quest Drops Funcional e teleports. como L2OFF Loteria/Pescaria: Todos funcionando como no L2OFF perfeitamente. Herbs: Todos os Drop em Monster Reconfigurados ate os de Primavel Isle como L2OFF Npc's Walker: Todos os Npc's Walker com rotas e dialogos corridos. Pet's Todos os Pets e Summon Items Funcionando como L2OFF Player Level: Todos os Levels Corrigidos com suas % corretas em all Class. Balance: Todos as class foram refeitas, a L2OFF perfeitamente. Skills: Todas as Skills das Class funcionando como no L2OFF perfeitamente. Hennas: Todas as Hennas foram testadas Levels e Status. All/Class Soul Crystal: Drops Chance Mods foram reicritos com base L2OFF Buffers: Todos os Buffer foram refeitos com status e tempo corrigidos. como no L2OFF NewBieBuff: Todos os newbie Buffer Testados. como L2OFF Augments: Todos os Skills Passive/Active foram testados e estão funcionado. Augments Stat: Todos Stats Foram refeitos e seus Levels concertados. Armor/Jewels/Weapon: Todas as passivas dos Set's/Jewels e seus status enchantados foram refeitos. Recipes: Todos os recipes funcionando do No-Grade ate Grade-S Spell Books: Todos os Spell Books Funcional como L2OFF Symbols/Tatto's: Foram refeito todos valores das Symbol Dex Con Int Wit Str Multisell: Tanto Multisell/BuyList foram reicrito ultilizando metodos funcional. com quantidade maxima na compra CheckItems Npc's: Quest/Monster Foram relocados para Spwan Status Skills como no L2OFF ClanSkills: ID's Level e valor foram efeitos como no L2OFF EnchantSkill: Todas as Skill foram testada ao serem enchantadas e seus valores seguem padrao L2OFF "Foram comparadas" por Dias Zones: Todas as Zonas foram refeitas e suas Geogine. Funcional all Zones/Towns. Teleports: Todos os Teleports original com Spwan e valores corrigos como no L2OFF Door's: Todos os Door Corrigidos e Seus HP/P.def/M.Def como no L2OFF Informações Engines/Protecões Color White: Funcionando Color Blue: Epicos Color Red: Fix Color Yellow: Em breve Color Purple: Populares - Chaotic Zone : Player Is FlagZone, Nobles, No-Class Healer, Messagen Enter Zone. - Resurrection time : Res Time 4 Segunds e 5 - Trade/Sell/Drop Argument Players.propriets - Clan Item : Give 1k Reputation + All Skils and Lv 8 - Noble Item : Give Status Noblessed + Tiara - Party Farm : Config/PartyFarm.propriets Start Event //ptfarm Admin Command Lv8 - Retunr Cancel Buff Time 10 Seconds. - Protect Heal Instance RaidBoss/GradBoss - Tournament : Config/Tournament.ini 1vs1 from 10vs10 - VoicedCommandHander .online .raidinfo .disable from Skin-System - Hero Item 7 Days - NPC SchemerBuffer - EnchantSystem - AlternativeSkillDuration - Fix PcInventory adjustAvailableItem - Fix This is transmitted to the clients this localhost online. - Olympiad CrystalType A Grade - Olympiad Hiwd IP's Protect - Oly Custom End Period Announcer Enter World for isNoble - Oly Custom Period Settings - Oly RestrictedItems List - Oly Booleam Removal Effects: Buff and ClanSkills HeroSkills Cubics - Oly Enable Disable: Soulshot and Blessed Soulshot - Oly Restricted Argument Skills - Announcer PvP and PK - BypassToServer Command _teleport ins Htm Teleport "bypass - h _teleport LocX, LocY, LocZ, 0, Prince" - Dlg System Start Olympiad Register - Check Farm PvP and Pk To For Hwid IP Protection - Premium System Rankings Lv One, two, three. - Config Npc.propriets DonateItemId Item Prince Premium System - Implemented system of skins configuration in SkinData.xml - Implemented Config doRespawn() Instance Monster Defalt: 600 Segunds Npc.propriets - Hiwd Tournament Manager - Add Multisell Enchant ++ Interface.u <list maintainEnchantment="true"> and production enchantmentLevel="4" - Add Buttom Buy Augmentation Skill All In One - Add Buttom Augmentation Weapon Passive/Active All In One - Add BypassToServer Command _multisell ins Htm "bypass - h _multisell MultisellID" - Add StartNewPlayer Manager - Add Buy Arguments Stat All In One Manager - Add Days List All in One Manager - Add Zone Create //zone - Add Soe Return Main Town - Add Frintezza Quest - Add Chaotic Zone All Bosses - Add Fix Spawn Monster ServenSings - Add Send Info Drops Npcs CommandHander .info - Add RetrunHomeRaidZone.xml isRaidBoss && isMinios Retrun SpwanLoc - Add Team Vs Team : TvT - Add DlgSystem Team Vs Team : Start Event - Add Send Protocol Revison Min: Max: Protocol System - Add Hwid Protect Loguin DualBox - Add Announcer Devil's Isle door is now opened! - Add Trade Offline Shop - Add Exclusive Item ID Cannot Pickup Automatic - Add Fix Frintezza Quest + Respawn - Add Community Bord Custom: Shop's - Teleport's - Buffer's - Visual Skins - Menu Config - Info Character - Add Protect Ant-Buffer - Add Fix Party Refusal Community Command - Add Fix Trade Refusal Community Command - Add Fix Grand Boss Status Community Bord info isLive onDeath - Add Fix Ant Buffer Shield Command Community Bord - Add Fix Skins For Premium Free Use not premium nop Use - Add Fix Teleport Community Bord + DlgSystem Comfirme Teleport - Add Config Infinity SS and Arrows - Add Fix // CTRL is not needed if both are in a PVP CHAOTIC BATLLE/ARENA_EVENT area - Add Fix Messagen Sulcesyfull enchant Community Bord - Add Fix Command Community Bord Select Buffer Prince=1000 "bypass _bbsbuff 1204 2 1000" BufferId 1204 BufferLv 2 Prince 1000 - Add Fix All Community Bord from Use Town's - Add Booleam BossZone "InsideChaoticZone = "True" - Add PlayerStatus Max Attack Speed and Casting Speed - Add Balance DeBuff- Skills - Add Magic Critical Config - Add Fix Auto Farm Command .farm ON/OFF - Add Auto Potion this Auto Farm MP/CP - Add Community Bord Active/Desatived Auto Potion Character Menu - Add AutoLoot Exclusive ItemId 57,3740,1724.... - Add Phantoms Player - Add Fix Phantoms - Armor | Weapons | Jewels | Buffer | Hair's - Add Fix Phantom SOULTAKER Chance Summon + Transfer Pain - Add Fix Phantom ADVENTURER Foce Attack Lethal - Add New Tournament For Party Battler 1x1 2x2 4x4 9x9 is Premium Doble Reward - Add Fix Command Auto Farm For Player .farm - Phantom Class Fix ################################## MYSTIC_MUSE DOMINATOR SOULTAKER ################################## GHOST_SENTINEL SAGGITARIUS MOONLIGHT_SENTINEL ################################## - Add Weapons Shadown NO/SA and S/A Weapons Fatality Buy Shop Admin - Rework Tattos Left and Right Fix 10% and 15% - Add Dungeon Event Instance Manager - Add Implemente Admin Command //dungeon Start Event - Add Fix Disconecte Player is tournament Battle - Add Fix Tournament DlgAnswer Enable Box: Teleport Tournament Zone. Start Event - Add DlgAnswer Enable Box: Starting Event Dungeon OK? Teleport To Npc Gatekkeper Event Spawn. Items Serviços Clan Item Noble Item Hero Item Nobless Scrolls Weapons/Armor/Jewels Premium Account Book Abstrac Item Skin Npc's Serviços Class Master Weddin Scheme Buffer Tournament All in One - Shop / Teleport / Buy Premium Shop Print Screen Premium Book complete content at L2JDev thanks, thanks, thanks....
  17. LF CB Ranking files for (pvp/pk/oly/online etc) ranking. Thanks in advance !
  18. Hey guys, Trading quite a few thigs on DEX 50x for Reborn 1x. A few Zakens available, Tezzas, AQs, S weapons +10, Sets Masterwork +6, tods. Just drop me a pm and we can find common ground. Happy to sell them as well, under market price as i'm leaving the server. Zaken 35E, Teza 30E AQ 22E DRACO set +6 MW 35E , DC +6MW 25E. Cheers and have a great day!
  19. wtt account spoiler sub spellhowler dc robe set, premium+vip plus like 3k gold and account have 25 euro donated for bless account(1000 gold/day) all for 12 euro
  20. Hi There, I Am looking to trade my Adena/Items in Chronos for Adena in Core server. I currently have: 10 B Adena. 183 Brilliant Freya's Ice Rose - Value: 13 Billion 176 Brilliant Freya's Scroll of Storm - Value 10 Billion 20 x Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll 25 x Blessed Dragon Shirt Enchant Scroll 59 x Enchant Blessed Kaliel's Bracelet Scroll 6.300 Crystal R-Grade 1 x Freya's Bloody Rune (2 hours) Box 16 x Rune Stone 1 x Artifact Vampiric Rage (Support) 2 x Artifact XP (Support) +2 Artifact - P. Atk. (Balance) +1 Artifact - Fixed Damage Reduction (Balance) +4 Artifact - P. SKill Critical Rate (Balance) +4 Artifact - Attack Critical Rate (Balance) +1 Artifact - M. Def (Protection) +1 Artifact - Vampiric Rage (Support) +1 Artifact - P. Skill Critical Damage (Fighting Spirit) +1 Artifact - P. Def (Protection) +6 Leo Agathion Charm 4 x Maphr's Luck Potion I am not looking to sell any items for Chronos Adena, only Core adena. Ratio: 1.3 B Core adena for 1 B Chronos Adena Thank you!
  21. Wtt adena on Reborn around 10kk for adena on Etina i trade -give first mine to trusted people on forum pm me
  22. WTT Exiliumworld items+20 to Dragon Network Gaia x5 adena items dc pm me
  23. wtt Yul Ghost Sentinel 100 lvl on naia for adenas https://ibb.co/RB6sS0t
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