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  1. We Lag like HELL days later now .... Already 30% of server left Will do you ANYTHIG about this lag? or we can leave too?
  2. On "My computer" i dont see it When i put a cd i can "hear" the cd load but nothing on screen Also when i try to format ( win xp ) Cd doesn't load again ( only i can hear it ) Also its not on device manager
  3. 1st of all you can asnwer most of this question at theyr page-forum and there are about 400 active player all otheres are boxes etc p.s. if you want huge comiunity chek ru servers
  4. Its normal, if you change it you will see that balance is going to be bad mages at oly starts with curces so its not a problem else search at core to find it and low the change of interrupt
  5. dont oppen server and stop make retard polls
  6. As pei kapoios ton maxtor na allaxi afto to maxcheater.com to new site tha einai afto TrollCheater.com Edite kane emena gm giati 1on katw apo tin eikona m grafi Banned akoma Kai giati tin exw megali
  7. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/173662-share-guideprograms-internet-wifi-cracker-aio-cytapirelicyra4-letter/
  8. Ok probably im not stucked anymore but still it says banned. Also Maxtor Who is vorfin?
  9. up still Good server with huge comiunity
  10. i sell am +12 Offer me on pm :)
  11. Come on its beed 7 hours and they dont stop DDos
  12. at least you will get 100-200 people that will be " people "
  13. Wast of money But if you are going to do it, do it right Put banners EVERYWERE ( much money ) Advertice it right And do it !!! You can take about 50% back from right Donations ( Xp Herbs , hats, etc ) Else dont even start to think it