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  1. agree with you but i think Trance or someone have sell or Share that java files with a lot of fixes....
  2. Some info ? what do you mean icons ? show us pictures or smthing... not only download link 😛
  3. PM ME FOR FREE Interface for L2Damage i found one worked ^_^
  4. 2021 and still no bypass interface L2Damage ?
  5. is not "DISCONNECTED MESSAGE" i got just kick... just close the window of l2 After 0.5 second sometimes it happens after 1-2 seconds... i tried with L2File editor to put this to l2.ini and i save it but after running l2 there is not file l2.log https://pasteboard.co/JOPMYPs.png
  6. i change the engine.dll from the clean system for windows 10 (it work if i run L2.EXE) but when i put it inside to the new system still the same https://pasteboard.co/JOPEONT.png that is the only process i run after the kick...
  7. I Dont know why but i got kick when i am try to login to a server ... this happen only for 2-3 servers.... i think is something with Smartguard or with server protections but i dont have any antivirus or any program active.... I also tried clean Install client and still the same... check the video ... https://streamable.com/2e8z42
  8. Waiting until 29/01 😎😎 (1CP)we will join for sure GL
  9. Is C5 ... He means "CLASSIC" As classic as 2005 servers etc....
  10. It looks good but i think x10-x15 is better