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  1. So there's no way? Damn this is good protection, isn't it?
  2. Omg no one selling interface for this server? What kind of hackers we have here
  3. I want to buy an interface that works for L2Damage, contact me.
  4. Celestine with your patch I cant see malaria, it appears as a black Icon... could you fix that please?
  5. All join this server, the las L2Undone last 2-3 months, much fun
  6. WTF what the fcking hell, I played here and I had x2 duel might, and it was weird that other archers made on me 3.5k damage, and its because of this? are you fucking kidding me?? realy??? Also where is the people? server its empty with 0 balance, omg but ofc how it gonna be a balanced server if there are players with that ammount of passive skills? F*CK IT DUDE, I dont know if you are gevo but fck you and fck this trash EVER SERVER, NEVER OPEN IT AGAIN DELETE FILES AND BURN YOUR COMPUTER
  7. I dont understan why so much hatin' on Gevorakoc.... I love his servers, if you read this gevo keep goin'!
  8. Hello everyone, Im playing on a server with a big community, and all those effects of soulshots and specialy spirishots lag me so much. so Can somebody give me a patch to delete the effects of spirishots and soulshots? so i guess i will have a better game... Someone answer please...