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  1. get clean client please. no problems with clean hf5 client.
  2. Strix-Guard is a universal client-server protection for Lineage II client, that protecting from a 3rd-party software. Usability: Protection designed for prevention of using any known bots, clickers, scripts and another 3rd-party software without a performance loss for client and server. LineageII Clients list: Interlude Gracia Final Gracia Plus(Epilogue) Freya High Five Goddess of Destruction: Awakening, Harmony, Tauti, Glory Days, Lindvior, Epeisodion / Valiance Epic Tales of Aden: Dimensional Strangers - Ertheia, Infinite Odyssey, Helios Protection potential: Protection has a lot of pot
  3. check and update minion's levels. minions in dat zone = all mobs on ship.