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  1. I do can open it in l2lige, but problem is that i cannot edit onscreen section, because some parameters are missing in c4 file If i open russian's server systemmsg file, i find that parameters are different, and indeed i can edit onscreen msg, but seems from another chronicle. As i said before, i think it is impossible to put onscreen messages on c4 retail files.
  2. Systemmsg-e.dat is here i had to upload it to mediafire because i cannot upload that file here. I would like to have damage, spoil, mp and those things. It is enough for me if u make only dmg, and maybe I can do more thing from that. thx
  3. Then I think its impossible to show damage on screen using retail c4 files. Some external apps like L2 Control have this feature (i tried it and worked) but i was looking to do it from inside the files like later chronicles. Anyways, thanks for your time
  4. But server still have 1 skill bar, if you downgrade interlude wouldnt you have 3 bars? And modified client download size is 2.2 gb (same as c4), while interlude is almost 3gb. Not sure if he downgraded interlude or he did modify c4
  5. Hi everybody, i would like to know if it is possible to have system message on screen like damage in C4 client. I noticed that systemmsg-e.dat file is very diferent to interlude, so of course even using L2lige you cant change that. I saw a russian server modified client a bit , adding interface.u and interface.utx files, and systemmsg-e.dat looked more like interlude or higher chronicles. so my question is if it is possible to have this message on screen with retail C4 client? thx in advance
  6. Hi everyone, im using a basic farming script on adrenaline + its config to attack/self-buff/self-heal My problem is that when character dies, it goes to village and does everything told by script, but my attack/self-buff/self-heal stuff just disables. I tested this stuff without running the script and it works fine. Any idea whats causing the problem? var Figth_Flag:boolean; Item: TL2Item; Npc: TL2Npc; Obj: TL2Buff; IdBuff: integer; Buffs:TL2Buff; var L2Skill: TL2Skill; procedure toVillage; begin Delay(100); if (User.HP=0) then begin
  7. Hi everybody, im playing on a c4 server (using interlude client), and i cant make any custom interface work in this server. Ive played a lot of servers with this same "problem", but i have also seen people making interfaces work. So, is there any special file or whatever so i can make it work? thank you
  8. Well, it is enough for me. Would you share it or u only sell it?
  9. Hi, you mean it shows icon over head but no timer?
  10. Hi everyone, ive been looking for a skillgrp.dat with skill Snipe with symbol over head with timer, but unfortunatly i havent found anything. Is there a skillgrp made with that already? is it hard to make? ty pd:im playing c4 server with interlude client