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  1. The discussed account has my name in signature as "people who can vouch". This happened more than 4 years ago and I revoke my vouch until these issues are solved in a good business way. Thanks
  2. Had a deal with the topic starter - very solid. +1
  3. WTS Adena L2Reborn for 0.7 EUR = 1 M WTS Adena ElmoreLab for 3 EUR = 1 M I got large stocks. Made a few deals here and there during latest halften of years so I aspire to have the same healthy approach from you. MXC moderator taking care of the exchange is alright, as long as you are the one to cover his interest. Feel free to PM!
  4. Used as middle man for $500+ transaction. All went smooth. 100% recommend.
  5. WTB OE SLS on Talking Island.