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  1. Used as middle man for $500+ transaction. All went smooth. 100% recommend.
  2. WTB OE SLS on Talking Island.
  3. Squaak buought all my remaining adena stock. I traded first and all was well. 100% trusted.
  4. Chars for sale on Talking Island: 79 Adventurer: TOI III, Clan Bracelet 2 (almost enough coins for 3), Zaken Cloak and eyepatch, VIP 4 for years, Lots of accessories. Message here for more details.
  5. Used for powerlevel service. Finished before scheduled time and all was great. Definitely recommend!
  6. ADENA SOLD. Please delete. WTT my adena on Skelth for your adena on Chronos (NC West). I have 100kk for trade. PM here.
  7. WTB SB: Phantom Cubic. Message me here with price. 57 PP (Sold) 71 PR (Sold) 60 DA (Sold) +7 Demon Dagger Super Othel 10 Might Mortal (Sold) +7 BOP Sold