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  1. Trusted seller! 5/5 stars very quick response and easy to work with
  2. Trusted 100% there was a problem w/ our transaction and he fixed it, very professional
  3. Trusted! I bought BD from him and transaction went smoothly
  4. +1 Trusted seller, i traded adena on giran to adena on talking island with him.
  5. hello, i am interested in your BD. i can offer 30e. it says you are not accepting pms.

  6. hey i am interested in buying 2kk adena on giran server if you have
  7. ADENA : OUT OF STOCK ITEMS : OUT OF STOCK CHARS: Silver Ranger 59.40% ( VIP 4 11k points, E-mail ) $120 SE 48 (VIP 2) SOLD SWS 47 (VIP 3) SOLD Warsmith 51 (VIP 4) SOLD Bounty Hunter 55 (VIP 4) SOLD Bladedancer 49 (VIP 4) SOLD Prophet 50 (VIP 2) SOLD ITEMS: Glaive SOLD +3 Atuba Mace SOLD +3 Full Plate Set SOLD +3 Karmian Set w/ Boots SOLD