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  1. So this guy agreed to buy a char, then he SENDS ME an invoice instead of transfer, with some weird looking negative shipping value. In the end it's just an invoice for the price you agreed on instead of a money transfer. He then starts to say he's calling paypal to report, and that it's secure paypal, you must be new to paypal, etc... he contacted me from brand new forum account, but the paypal address is leonchavez1990work@gmail.com and his skype name is live:burermanandco
  2. 62 EE, all skills learned, avadon robe set, top lux wpn, ada jewels, 3 mill adena. 52 Sorc, karmian, top d wep, 1mill adena - $50 USD Open to $$ offers for EE.
  3. Prophet still available, $130, includes original email. Will do $120 naked.
  4. New Price on PP, willing to entertain any offers for either.
  5. New price DA 57 for $100 naked. DA also has 6k+ silver coin
  6. ALL SOLD All chars were farmed with SP instead of spamming dailies, so almost all skills are learned. 55 PP (female) has haste + dw + karmian set - VIP1 - $130 USD 57 DA (female) has FP set, lux weapon and lux jewels - VIP3 - $130 USD or $80 naked 55 TH (male) has FP set, dark screamer and lux jewels - VIP4 - $150 with gear or $100 naked Open to trades for a SH/SPS/Necro skype: live:carter.wilson or PM on here.