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  1. Prophet still available, $130, includes original email. Will do $120 naked.
  2. New Price on PP, willing to entertain any offers for either.
  3. New price DA 57 for $100 naked. DA also has 6k+ silver coin
  4. ALL SOLD All chars were farmed with SP instead of spamming dailies, so almost all skills are learned. 55 PP (female) has haste + dw + karmian set - VIP1 - $130 USD 57 DA (female) has FP set, lux weapon and lux jewels - VIP3 - $130 USD or $80 naked 55 TH (male) has FP set, dark screamer and lux jewels - VIP4 - $150 with gear or $100 naked Open to trades for a SH/SPS/Necro skype: live:carter.wilson or PM on here.