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  1. I have nothing to give to you, you are not the one who sent the money, I am contacting the owner of the money by personal mail, dirty thief rat
  2. Perfect send the provide using the mail with which you sent the money in PayPal that would immediately prove that I am lying and you are not.
  3. Clearly this person just created an account today maxcheaters is a scammer who uses my name and paypal to sell adena to other people His goal is to make another person pay for the adena that he receives I just asked for something so simple that verifies that it is a scammer "I asked him to send an email from the mail used in paypal with which the payment was made" is all that does not give personal information, greetings to the administration @Celestine @Katherine @Designatix @MeVsYou
  4. ONLY PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED: PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY SERVICE -------------------------------ALL SERVERS NA Classic------------------------------- Driver (It is not PowerLvl) Do not hesitate to ask! Note: This service is 1.3$ per hour ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¿ Do you need help to sell characters or equipment ? I help you with that! If you need something specific do not hesitate to ask, we are looking for it! --------------------------------SERVER---------------------------------- Giran NA Classic --------------------------------SERVER---------------------------------- Talking Island NA Classic Adena Adena outstock --------------------------------SERVER---------------------------------- L2 Club x3 Classic Elemental Summoner (69) Note: Basic equip B grade + Cloak : thebeaver1988 : fb.com/thebeaver1988 : +584247172027 Only Paypal