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  1. Any pride style server Gracia Final?
  2. Geia sas psaxnw gia enan server interlude i gracia mid rate i high rate pou na kuriarxoun oi fighters kai sugkekrimena oi toksotes, kai an ginetai na exei kai rykros.Ty
  3. Paidia o Ghost Sentinel aksizei se h5 server opws o l2Lionna?Peitte mou plz
  4. Hello there! I would like to help you with your project and become a humble GM with no corruption and no problems!Plz talk to me inbox to get into communication and talk about your project!
  5. All the community of l2Pride is waiting for a new Pride Style custom Gracia Final server!Why doesn't someone opens a server like this to join all the community? We are bored of the same normal retail servers with the same items!
  6. Why i shouldn't do that in myshelf my "little cute and fluffy" friend?L2Pride was a perfect unique custom server with awesome custom items and i miss him a lot! Why you dont like a server like this? I cant understand.
  7. Hello there,im searching about a L2Pride Style Gracia Final custom server and i cant find anything!Can you suggest me a good Gracia Final custom server like Pride with enough people on?Thank you!
  8. Are there any hacks for glids or items on Gracia final j custom servers? Like on L2 pride style servers? Ty