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  1. WTS HE lvl 67, vip 4 for more 1year +, agathions, hats, dye STR Just 190usd!! Goes with mail, date of birth and last 4 numbers of credit card used on the acc. Have a lot of good recommendations of sales done. Accept adena or paypal
  2. WTS on TI NA Hawkeye lvl 67 vip 4 for 1year+, 3 agathions, 2 hats, dye - 215usd!! Shillien Elder lvl 55 (60%) vip 3 for months, silver coins - 90usd!! Shillien Elder lvl 55 80usd!! If you buy both SE i can make it 160usd I do accept adenas for payment too. Use of known middleman available skype: alm0st-gm discord: Almost #7981 Trusted seller, a lot of sells done last few weeks.
  3. Selling a lot of stuff on TI server ADENA STOCK: 0 Hawkeye lvl 67 vip 4 for 1 year++ 240e Overlord 57 (silence, suspension, honor etc) 90e SOLD SE lvl 55 vip 3 90e <<<< hot offer SPH lvl 57 with CDL / Tempest 135e SOLD SWS 55 vip 3 SOLD BD lvl 58 Dual Storm * Storm + SET CHAIN vip 3 SOLD PP lvl 58 with DW + Haste vip 4 SOLD Sorcerer lvl 46 + Set Karmian + DyE + Goat D vip 3 45e SOLD BD LVL 40 + Dual Saber SOLD PL SET + 3 SET SOLD Jewel TOP C + 3 SOLD BW GLOVES SOLD BW BOOTS SOLD 32kk adena (5$ each KK) OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW Eminence Bow +8 - 880usd SOLD Prices private message, good discounts if u buy more than 1 char Payment with ADENA available Use of Middleman available
  4. Sword Singer lvl 55 - Talking Island NA Classic No equips Have all the original informations, including mail etc 170$ usd - paypal Can use known middleman skype: alm0st-gm
  5. very reliable and good trader! I wish had more money to spent with hahahaha