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  1. Looking for a 56+ prophet on lineage "ii" server 5x post here or pm me
  2. WTS HE lvl 67, vip 4 for more 1year +, agathions, hats, dye STR Just 190usd!! Goes with mail, date of birth and last 4 numbers of credit card used on the acc. Have a lot of good recommendations of sales done. Accept adena or paypal
  3. WTS on TI NA Hawkeye lvl 67 vip 4 for 1year+, 3 agathions, 2 hats, dye - 215usd!! Shillien Elder lvl 55 (60%) vip 3 for months, silver coins - 90usd!! Shillien Elder lvl 55 80usd!! If you buy both SE i can make it 160usd I do accept adenas for payment too. Use of known middleman available skype: alm0st-gm discord: Almost #7981 Trusted seller, a lot of sells done last few weeks.
  4. Selling a lot of stuff on TI server ADENA STOCK: 0 Hawkeye lvl 67 vip 4 for 1 year++ 240e Overlord 57 (silence, suspension, honor etc) 90e SOLD SE lvl 55 vip 3 90e <<<< hot offer SPH lvl 57 with CDL / Tempest 135e SOLD SWS 55 vip 3 SOLD BD lvl 58 Dual Storm * Storm + SET CHAIN vip 3 SOLD PP lvl 58 with DW + Haste vip 4 SOLD Sorcerer lvl 46 + Set Karmian + DyE + Goat D vip 3 45e SOLD BD LVL 40 + Dual Saber SOLD PL SET + 3 SET SOLD Jewel TOP C + 3 SOLD BW GLOVES SOLD BW BOOTS SOLD 32kk adena (5$ ea
  5. Sword Singer lvl 55 - Talking Island NA Classic No equips Have all the original informations, including mail etc 170$ usd - paypal Can use known middleman skype: alm0st-gm
  6. very reliable and good trader! I wish had more money to spent with hahahaha
  7. Looking for Spoiler lvl 46+ on ketra wars new 1x... Dont need the itens and etc, just the naked char is enough. But i can buy everything too depending of the price. PM me here in forum with ur skype or any contact. No scammers pls... im not fool.
  8. Trusted seller! <3 Good discounts too! thx bro
  9. Looking for an account with prophet 52+ on ketrawars new 1x. Dont need any equipament or stuff like that. Just the char... the account must come with the email. Leave ur contact here (skype, mail, whatsapp, facebook) and i'll contact! thx