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  1. As a title Wtb char lv 50+ and 20kk adena in a l2 classic giran, pm me with offer's,
  2. Hi, As a tytle WTB Script Adrenalin Auto level up 1-40 / 1-56 + key 1month i have to sell,, Thanks
  3. Fast and safe, reccommend it, bought a cardinal all was fine +++
  4. I recommend it, bought a cardinal, it is reliable and at even good prices, +++
  5. 60euro for chararter level 41 not classed ahahahha want 10 euro pidor spanish?
  6. and first, MrPro is one of the most trusted members of the forum, do not throw shit on him, say it, you tried it and you did not succeed, we are old players, do not try jellies
  7. ah as before try to steal me, sending me a cry 15 and waiting for me to send you the money in order to steal € 30, now that you did not want the cry back? distusting...
  8. Who do you want to steal .. there are all the conversations on skype, with the screen of only Cry 15 received, "Instead", show us your screen where you sent, and I took the items you say, scammer and even stupid
  9. Another scammer... i did feedback from mrpro coz they want money first, we deal for 2cry 15 + zaken, and? i received 1 cry 15 and they ask me send the money... ps: we are old buyer not stupid ;) scammer!!
  10. All perfect, I decide to make 2 part to be sure, and all fine, disponible and trusted, reccommend him +