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  1. I tried making new my self.... they block almost everything ! Its insane. Usual RPG tactic profits get lower => kill server just russian business i guess :)
  2. again cant use after todays rpg patch right ? I honestly dont know what rpg is thinking.... I get it trying to kill the server (since noone donates anymore)
  3. I dont get it...ive tested that for over than 10 hours straight and still no clue... Anyway i guess noone has any info about it so ill just leave it here
  4. does anyone ever do a normal conversation on this forum...like ever ? you propably didnt read this...this is tested from same char as i explain above vs exactly same enemy...
  5. RPG CLUB is not the best server but for sure not a java shit server :D
  6. Anyone who has knowledge about how is the source code/DB executed can pm me to explain some of my thoughts on the matter ? Before procceding to packet sniffing/analyze would be nice to learn some stuff and maybe save my self some time... So if anyone has good knowledge about theback end of the game please let me ask for a pm with all due respect.
  7. No idea...the case is: In my retail like (famous server) some guys hit for insane damage....for example Person 1) Use char A) in oly and hits for 5k 5k 5k 5k; Person 2 (me)) Use SAME char A) in oly i hit 1k 1k 1k 1k; I made some research / asked some bot/script devs if there is a way to send fake packets back to server or whatever.... Their answer was that its propably Overbuff / stacked buffs the reason behind the scenario mentioned above. I am realllyyyy curious how is that possible or if there is any other explanation from someone on the matter...
  8. Hello Dear MaxCheaters, Is Overbuff hack a real thing on l2 h5 servers ? Ive seen some crazy things on retail like servers lately and with LOTS of research that is propably due to overbuffed charachters.... So anyone, got any idea if thats possible ? Thanks in advance for any info provided.
  9. hm... i thought of it but then i was like "mehh way to easy no way :D " thanks sir u are awsome !
  10. does Virtual Box trick hwid? yea practically its different machine....but does it actually work ? :D
  11. heh :D i am getting hero on a 10k + ppl server every time :) on all 3 daggers :D Point is i still lose to some TOP TOP guys like this and the other famous dagger is not :) Point is i get 3 shoted and he can survive 10+ hits EASY
  12. Hello once again, I am playing on a low rate (retail like server) and i keep watching 1-2 guys youtube/stream videos in slow motion over and over and over again and something makes no sense to me... So the scenario IS : I am playing dagger in olympiad (currently hero) . I happen to play vs TOP Phantom Summoner. Game starts he uses death spike 4-5 times and i am dead without even having time to get half his hp... Scenario follows as: A top dagger player (famous to many and russian) logs from my charachter same day, same items, same talismans and all (its my char anyway), plays VS same Phantom Summoner and the fight holds like 1 minute with 20+ death spikes etc etc. As i said i keep watching the video over and over and makes no sense to me at all.... Another random guy tells me that all those TOP ruskies (players/cps etc) use software for corrupting packets or anything ? Is that possible in Retail Like Famous server H5 chronichle ??? Any other explanation that someone might have considering this matter ? Thanks in advance... (p.s. the scenario explained above happened many times with such players).
  13. Hello, as "newbie" i am i got one question. So, the situation is. I use adrenaline and ofc the server i am playing in if get caught bans your account + hwid. Supposively we do not care for account ban and we only care for the hwid. Anyone got any way of securing/protecting/masking the hwid ? For example i want from the same pc to use bot (maybe banned maybe not) and my main accounts without having problem of getting banned. It is not necessary to play main chars + bot at the same time in case someone wonders.... Thanks in advance.
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