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  1. Gonna try it, looks interesting
  2. Great project. It is clear that you care about players also. I will join your server and try to support you guys, best luck!
  3. If there's one server NOT deserving any flame,it's this one. So,another chance for us to see how retarded ppl can be :D
  4. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/214989-l2off-l2-reality/ Check this, I think you might be interested.
  5. opening a l2 server losing money is not so absurd as u think there's a thing called work,that allows you not to beg donation from people or put your hand in their pocket :D
  6. However remember that even if u go play rpg,with thousands of ppl on,it will be soooo rare to find random players parties farming 7rb or zaken,you need a CP or clan because it's like this that it works. Frintezza and freya are NEVER random indeed. What i'm trying to say is that low rate problem is not so tragic for this server,just random players will need to find clan,and I guess it will be less difficult to find clan on this server than on Rpg,where most of them are closed or only for russians
  7. when i said "classic" low rate I didn't mean classic chronicle xD but "normal" h5 low rate
  8. U need to consider it's not the classic low rate,usually on low rates you don't have any events,but here looks like they are. Also on classic low rate you don't have a basic buffer (better than nothing) So random/solo players are not left alone, but however i agree that a low rate is risky anyway. So I hope well for this one :D
  9. High online = high quality server? So I guess Justin Bieber is the best singer ever
  10. I watched achylek clip,that geodata svcks so hard :DD btw fighters can use skills at 0 mp if they have max clarity,only mages can't
  11. Really bad fixes but yes,decent stability usually and no evident corruption
  12. http://www.l2skirmish.com/updates/ And nope,no poll at all for olf XD P.S. the changelog is not complete,he made other changes without writing them