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  1. Hello guys , adding a new classIcon for party , from interlude to high five , and working good change the icon but have a one problem with that how show the new icon . 1-it show icon how look now and 2- show how need to look icon , so question is where i wrong?
  2. At end of video u can see the skype of the owner , or try to find from someone who have it , but its bind by nickname and need to be cracked , and that is hard becouse interface is encrypted by smart crypt program and no one can hack it.
  3. Its a patch ver from lionna/dragon , vers 2.0 will be hard to be shared ,becouse need 1st to be cracked and this is not easy :) Ty for share anyway :) best interface for now for sure :)
  4. I think need to hack smartcrypt but idk how :(
  5. Trying with decrypt yep , but same result :(
  6. It is posible interface.u and interface.xdat to be unlocked?
  7. Someone have a compile version of this?
  8. Server features look nice , just make spoil x15 :)