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  1. Hey as title says i want to buy warlock 40-70lvl with gear or naked msg me here.
  2. Ye never delete any conversation past few years :) Now all deleted u can write.
  3. As topic says i want Glad, Warlord, Destro, Tyrant or WK lvl 60-76 pm me with character lvl, gear and price. If u are new on forum dont expect i go first.
  4. Warcryer 77 all buffs alot exp fruit etc selling with mail - 90 euro Phantom Ranger 77 (close to 78) Alot fruit and other exp buffs. No personal data i can sell with email. - 80 euro Elemntal sumoner 52 - VIP 4 ( 23+ days) rune 50% exp 23 + days - 30 euro SWS - 58 lvl - 40 euro BD 63 lvl - 80 euro sold Tyrant 70 - vip 4 almost 25 days (rune 50% exp 30 days not opened) - 70 euro Destroyer 70 vip 3 (20 days) - 100 euro - sold All charakters got ALOT exp scrols fruit etc. Adena (120kk stock) - 1.1 euro -1kk paypal only payment as a gift. Money first. With big deal best to use middleman. Skype - kazil1983 always ask also here if u add right person on skype.
  5. As title say, wtb prp 52+ or wc 58 + mail me with ur price and books what u got. Giran Server.
  6. Amnezior buy from me 3.5kk adena in giran server and chargae back dolars from paypal. If admins need screens and proff contact me i can send all what u need. Conversation from skype and screens from paypal.
  7. Hello fellas, i want to cash out my stuff from Giran server, i dont hav time for this game anymore. Destroyer - 56 VIP 4 active for next 6~ months. (Immortal life earned) -45 EURO Inventory - 6x Special fruit buffs, 2k+ silver coins and other stuff like exp scrols. Warcryer - 57(with exp scrol close to 58) VIP 4 active for next 20+ days (Fury, Movment, Rage, Vampire earned) - 170 EURO Inventory - 100+ Special fruit buffs, 1k+ silver coins and other stuff like more then 50 exp 1kk xp scrols + Wizard Hat. Shilen Knight - 55 (close to 56) Vip 4 for around 40 days 2K NC coin, (hex , phantom cubic, aegis, earned, lighting strike in inventory) - 60 euro Inventory - few days +50% exp runes, ~30 Special fruit buffs, 5k+ silver coins. BladeDancer - 41lvl Vip 1 - 30 Euro - SOLD All characters hav speacial emails created for lineage2 and i giv them also with chars !!!!! ALL CHARACTERS PLAYED BY HANDS WITH ZERO PROGRAMS, NEVER GOT BANNED OR WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do it with middleman for 100% safe for both side. ADENA 1kk - 7$/ ADENA 1kk - 6.5euro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 47kk 17kk 7kk in stock ALL SOLD
  8. Hello, i want to sell my main acc, Iss spectral 100lvl + dual class Iss Hiero 99 alot of %. Im first and only owner of this acc. I hav alot of exp boosts and other stuff like fish, ewr,ear etc etc. I want 20E for this. Also Othell Ghost Huneter lvl 100 / sub 90 with pve cape +7 - 12 euro Acc is on Naia as title says.
  9. As in title wtb iss enchanter pm me with lvl and race + price
  10. Hello i got some stuff to sell for adena or euro. Adena 1kk / 1.1 e new 60 kk in stock Orcish Poleaxe +11 Doom Plate Armor +6 Set Black Ore+0 Set BW Heavy+0 Set BW Robe+0 Valhalla +5 +Wynn 7 Elven elder 52 75% - 12 day premium first owner data clean 25euro Warlord 53 - 30 days premium , first owner data clean 20 euro can be given with original mail made for this acc. Propeth 51 (deleveled from 52 all buffs learned) first owner data clean 35 euro Warcryer 49 50% ( alot exp boost ) first owner data clean 25 euro Skype kazil1983 PayPal Only