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  1. Hello fellas, i want to cash out my stuff from Giran server, i dont hav time for this game anymore. Destroyer - 56 VIP 4 active for next 6~ months. (Immortal life earned) -80 EURO Inventory - 6x Special fruit buffs, 2k+ silver coins and other stuff like exp scrols. Warcryer - 57(with exp scrol close to 58) VIP 4 active for next 20+ days (Fury, Movment, Rage, Vampire earned) - 250 EURO Inventory - 100+ Special fruit buffs, 1k+ silver coins and other stuff like more then 50 exp 1kk xp scrols + Wizard Hat. Shilen Knight - 55 (close to 56) Vip 4 for around 40 days 2K NC coin, (hex , phantom cubic, aegis, earned, lighting strike in inventory) - 140 euro Inventory - few days +50% exp runes, ~30 Special fruit buffs, 5k+ silver coins. BladeDancer - 41lvl Vip 1 - 30 Euro - SOLD All characters hav speacial emails created for lineage2 and i giv them also with chars !!!!! ALL CHARACTERS PLAYED BY HANDS WITH ZERO PROGRAMS, NEVER GOT BANNED OR WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do it with middleman for 100% safe for both side. ADENA 1kk - 12$/ ADENA 1kk - 11euro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 47kk 17kk 7kk in stock
  2. Hello, i want to sell my main acc, Iss spectral 100lvl + dual class Iss Hiero 99 alot of %. Im first and only owner of this acc. I hav alot of exp boosts and other stuff like fish, ewr,ear etc etc. I want 20E for this. Also Othell Ghost Huneter lvl 100 / sub 90 with pve cape +7 - 12 euro Acc is on Naia as title says.