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  1. The last 10B adena for 80 EUR -= Adena - 8 EUR / billion =- Final cashout, no more stock!
  2. Guy trying to scam multiple people (quick search on his nick revealed it) with the same trick: instead of payment he sends an invoice, saying he paid via the buyer protection system of paypal and the hold on the money will be lifted as soon as the ingame items arrive. Only problem is, invoice says Subtotal 0.00. When I want to verify his payment through Paypal customer support he says then our accounts will be locked for 60 days and threatens me with ban(!) on paypal and ruining reputation here. The guy is not smart, first I rejected him on skype, then he messaged me here with a 2nd account created 3 mins prior his message pretending to be someone else and then adding me with a similar skype profile. Back in my time at least scammers had more IQ than a cactus. Oh and the names: xuxuxaxa on forum, skype burerman (KickLee) Beletor on forum, skype burermanandco (Beletorist) Anything you can do to remove the guy from here? I could post the entire skype conversation.
  3. New year, new server! ~ Selling out on L2Classic Giran ~ -= currently no stock =-
  4. Here we go, leaving Core. As I did in the past selling out the leftover stuff, delivering shiny, sexy adena for you. Core + Ramona server adena 10€ / B. Paypal only. Thank you!
  5. Got one Feoh, need 1 more. Budget decreased to 180 EUR.
  6. WTB 2x 1x Feoh accounts on Core. Can be dualclass as well. Preferably without gear, but brooch jewels / shirt / talisman included. Budget is 180 EUR 300 EUR for both, price depends on the level / equipment. I am old member here and mostly doing private trades, so first the account -> then the money. In case you wish we can use official and known middleman. Thanks!
  7. Did good trades with MercanteZero. +1