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  2. Hello, I'm selling the following accounts on L2 Classic Club server: Swordsinger lvl 55 + Name Change ready (10 Euro loaded on account) + can be with items (Doom Heavy+ Eminence+6 +B Jewels) (70 Eur) or no items (40 Eur) - No Email Access! Bladedancer lvl 54 + can be with items (BW Heavy+ Dual*SLS + B Jewels)(80 Eur) or no items (40 Eur) - Has Email Access! Prophet lvl 53 + Full C Karmian (basically buff bot) (30 Eur) - No Email Access! Shillien Elder lvl 52 + no items (25 Eur) - No Email Access! All accounts are in great standing. No longer used for a good while. And all on different accounts. Full package for 100 Eur (SWS and BD plus items). PM me with offers or if interested.
  3. WTB 2x 1x Feoh accounts on Core. Can be dualclass as well. Preferably without gear, but brooch jewels / shirt / talisman included. Budget is 180 EUR 300 EUR for both, price depends on the level / equipment. I am old member here and mostly doing private trades, so first the account -> then the money. In case you wish we can use official and known middleman. Thanks!
  4. I am quiting L2 Skelth and i want to sell my account. It has: Tyrant lvl 52 and 69% Items: Great pata +3, plated leather set +3, full plate set, C jewelry, 65 normal and 12 medium xp scrolls, some spellbooks, mats and some miscellaneous items Adena: 16kk dyes: +12 str -15 con All skills On same account: Overlord lvl 49 and 68% Pa'agrios rage This is all 1 account. Pm me here to make an offer.
  5. WTS with or without items this account 60 lv hawkeye male European nickname only account : 85 eu Items : eminence bow +7 (6othell) 150 eu doom l set bo juve set ghouls staff (mage best c) (+3) scrolls , mats etc. for everything 220 euros Contact skype: sosikas Accepting paypal
  6. I'm quitting L2 Skelth and am now selling my full account it contains: Tyrant female good name lvl 52 and 69% Great pata +3, Plated leather set +3, C jewelry partly top C, Full plate set +3, 16kk adena. all skills. tattoos +12str -15con On the same account Overlord female good name lvl 49 and 68% paagrios rage finally some spellbooks, mats and random items in warhouse. 26 day sub left. Just message me with offer. Paypal payment is preffered.
  7. UPDATED Hello, Im done with L2 for good - thats why i decide to sell my main account. SK - 47lvl 30% Full Plate Set (no gloves) SLS +1 +othel 6 SLS +5 +othel 6 about 3,5kk adena atm. 500k Prepaid - more than 50 days. Prize for all : offer PayPal Only. Due to a lot scams in last few days cash first. Potential scammers - THANK YOU! Scammers for now: MaxCheaters: citygaming (fake) Skype: Николай Citygamers.ru (fake) sellersandfriends.com (fake)
  8. Account: Tyrant female good name lvl 48 and 88% Great pata +3, Plated leather set +3, C jewelry partly top C, 2 divine blessing, lots of spell books including break durres, 122k blessed soulshots 4.5kk adena (bunch of other stuff) On the same account Overlord female good name lvl 49 and 68% Full plate set, d jewelry, pa'agrios rage. 60 days sub left. Even tho the characters are not that high level the account has a lot of stuff on it and 62 day sub also the tyrant has 2 divine blessing so it's actually about level 51. so I'm asking 100 euro for it and everything on it is yours. Payment in paypal
  9. Hola a todos. Vendo eviscerator en RAMONA level 101 dual archer 98 con: set sereph lighth Blessed apoca +4, 2 SA +300 muchas joyas a +3 y broche de 5 slots arco shadow a +7 camiseta +7 60k de mentes mark alguna skill a +6 Ademas en la misma cuenta, hay un cardinal 100 en CORE Para mas info, privado y si eres ingles, traducelo tú Un saludo
  10. WTS on Skelth Account / 120€ (both chars are on same account) Prophet 55 - naked all buffs learned! WIT dyes SE 40 Adena 2.4€/kk - 34kk on stock-----------buy all for 70€ Paypall / friends and family option only!!!! Add me on skype: replix-l2 Am a trusted member, just check my other topic:http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197328-wts-adena-on-core/
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------- WTS Lineage II Classic-Club Accounts: -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Overlord Level: 60 Equipment: Blue-Wolf -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Necromancer Level: 61 Equipment: Blue-Wolf​ -------------------------------------------------------------​- Class: Elven-Elder Level: 60 Equipment: Blue-Wolf -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Blade-Dancer Level: 60 Equipment: Blue-Wolf -------------------------------------------------------------- Skype: sierra1392
  12. WL 51,9 naked + on same acc PR 42,8 naked - 40€ via paypal or 16kk adena pm here for more information
  13. WTS account on Core naked or geared Main class: Othell Wind Raider lvl 102 Dual class: Yul Ghost Sentinel lvl 100 Subclass: Storm Screamer lvl 80 / dreadnought lvl 80 - Brilliant brooch with Pearl, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and Aquamarine (all lvl 3) - Dyes Legendary DEX: +4 DEX / +3 CHA (x3) - Talisman Desire - 2 Bracelet +3 DEX and STR +3 - 11 skills +10 - +70.000 PA points - +2.000 daily coins - talismán wind: p. critical damage - keep quick fire on dual - Pa'agrio's t-shirt +8 - Quest exalted done - Others exp items. GEAR - +8 Blessed seraph light set - Talismán hunter - venir talismán lvl 9 - special earing pvp stun - Blessed zaken earring - Frintezza soul neclace - Tauti ring - ... - Have some boxes in account: - feoh 91/wynn 75 (noble) - eviscerator 88/yul 85 (noble) - sayha seer 92/feoh 86 (noble) - yul 85 Payment: PayPal (only) Contact and any question PM.
  14. Hello, i decided to stop playing, because i dont have time anymore and want to sell my very good build account, everything maxed out with augments included. I invest so much time and effort to this account, to get all augments and evertyhing, the char full prepared for pvp/Siege/Oly: Ghost Sentinel with items: Recurve bow +20 +300 holy {PVP} Augment: passive PVP patk Recurve bow +20 +300 holy {PVP} SA:Critical Slow Augment: +41 crit rate Vesper bow Masterwork +20 +300 holy {PVP} Augment: passive PVP patk Weapons with augments: Active PVP patk Active PDEF Active Skill reuse decrease Elegia Light Set +20 Full attribute {PVP} Valakas/Frintezza/Blessed Zaken/Antharas/Baium/Ant Queen all +20 Shirt+20 Attack Skill Belt +20 Physical Attack Belt +20 Jet Bike Around 200 hot springs CP potion Fame about 15k About 900 bill worth adena/GCM/Exilium Coins/Exilium Box Full enchanted buffers account included, i could give farm account if you need it. Im asking 50 eur, Skype: ex acc
  15. Hey guys, i want buy account, items or adenas in L2 order vs chaos ( www.l2ovc.com )
  16. Wts Phoenix Knight lvl 84 Noble with 3 Subs 76-75, Dynasty Set ,Ica Hammer+SA 150,Bow+SA 150, Epics, Skills overenchanted and available cash. For more specific infos about this toon you can pm me. Serious and reasonable offers only,thank you.
  17. Hi i wanna buy account on l2.bnb.gr x8 , any pp,wc,bd lvl 40-60, pm me . Thunks
  18. Wts yul gs 100/feoh ss 99/80/80 on core EU selling yul 100/feoh 99/80/80 Gear : +8 Blessed Apo Thrower 2 SA 300,+4 Blessed Apo Retri Acumen 300,3 lvl 1 legendary dyes on yul and on feoh,+4 seraph leather armor set full atri Dark Assassin appearance,+4 seraph robe set full atri Dark Assassin appearance,Freya cloak,+7 Shiny Elemental Shirt +7,+4 top grade belt pvp skill attack,Hellfire/Hunter/Venir's lvl 6 talismans,Aria's Bracelet DEX,Enchanced Tautis Bracelet,Radiant Brooch(emerald,diamond,ruby,sapphire,obsidian,opal all lvl 3),rapid shot on Yul (500 atk speed perma with this setup) Epics : +4 Istina's Earring,+4 Frintezza's Necklace,+4 Octavis Ring Warrior,+3 Istina's Ring Wizard,+3 Freya Necklace miscellaneous : 16 AP on yul,12 AP on feoh,all skills +10 on yul,many skills +10 on feoh,exalted lvl 1,all dual and sub skills,+4 special resistance earring-Stun,+4 special Earth Resistance Ring,100 kk adena FREE : i give a free 2nd account with an 95 ISS with lvl 3 buffs. 500 eu. Don't send pointless messages i DONT give it for free NOR i sell gear apart.I'm NOT interested in trading with other accounts or adena.ONLY money and only serious offers.account is legit never been banned.can link everything in game if asked to.FIRST payment,THEN account.thank you
  19. WTS TITAN 95 with Subclass Equip: Seraph leather Set +44333 (Ninja app) 3x120 atribute Weapon: +4 blessed apocalypse slasher 300 2xSA focus/might DYE:3x +3STR +1LUC 35 diploma = u can buy bind R grade set by your choose :) Talisman wind critical damage passive ---------------------------------------------------- WTS Soul hound 91 Event equip and weapon PM me
  20. Mage with full items +20 . Active Empower lvl 10. Passive Empower lvl 10. Active Ritual. Active cele. Active shield. Active refresh. Active might. Active Heal Empower. Passive magic barrier. 700+ Vote Coins. Dragon. 4300+ PVPs.
  21. Hi, for those who need to climb on LAS or BR server dont hesitate to add me on skype: eloboostlasbr pd: topic is short because most of people from LAS or BR speak spanish/portuguese (including me).
  22. 6 de summon lv98 3 de healer lv98 3 de healer lv97 2 de healer lv96 3 dwarf othell lv98 lv98 25$ lv97 20$ lv96 15$ Contract: elvenger01 (skype) Payment: Paypal
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