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  1. WTS adena on core stock: 13b 1b = 4,5Euro pm
  2. just bought 4b, perfect and pretty fast :)
  3. pm me here or skype hansskin Paypal
  4. update 100 lvl tyrr titan and 95 wc iss dual pm here or we can chat via facebook
  5. core server: Tyrr Titan 99 - 63 % /Iss wc 92 atm /80/80/subs skills - second wind +10 spirit of slayer +10 rage+7 armor destruction+7 full sub skills patk/p.crit 14 AP noblesse 3x+3str+1luc Talisman destruction 30k PA points 3 slot brooch lvl.2 Ruby lvl.1 opal/diamond all mentee diploma for immortal armor and weapon by your choice char is naked only with bind items 10b adena / 100 E or wtt for human male dagger 99+/dual class/subs
  6. Eviscerator - 99 lvl dual class - Tyrr dreadnought - 95 lvl Noblesse 11 AP +3 shadow fighter 150 water event Requiem stormer +150 holy 3x Legendary Dye +3STR, DEX-2 fire resistance +5 Talisman - Destruction La vie en rose brooch - emerald lvl 1. Tanzanite lvl.1 event immortal light set all parts - 3x60 atribute 38K+ PA points 30 $ paypal or 3Bil adena in game :) _______________________________
  7. close this topic please I want to do new instead (with actual info)