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  1. Selling accounts / adena for Lineage 2 Raidfight x3 Interlude. Selling several classes level 76+ Selling adena, plenty in stock! Skype: sierra1392
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------- WTS Lineage II Classic-Club Accounts: -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Overlord Level: 60 Equipment: Blue-Wolf -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Necromancer Level: 61 Equipment: Blue-Wolf​ -------------------------------------------------------------​- Class: Elven-Elder Level: 60 Equipment: Blue-Wolf -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Blad
  3. WTS L2 Account+e-mail: Server: http://l2mid.com/ Chronicle: Interlude Rates: 15x Opened: April 1st 2016 Population: 3000+ Characters available for sell: Account+e-mail Class: Necromancer Level: 80 Gear: DC Set Account+e-mail Class: Spellsinger Level: 80 Gear: DC Set Account+e-mail Class: Paladin Level: 79 Gear: Majestic Set Account+e-mail Class: Titan Level: 80 Gear: Tallum Set Account+e-mail Class: Bishop Level: 79 Gear: Majestic Set Characters can be sold together or individually. PM for additional
  4. List updated with new classes!
  5. WTS CHEAP ACCOUNTS ON L2-DEX ARION SERVER Server Name: L2 DEX - Arion Server Chronicle: High Five Server Rates: 5x LOW PRICES, FAST TRADES - NO SCAM! PRICES: 15 - 25 $ / Account + Pass + email ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Shillien Knight (SK) Level: (3rd class) Equipment: A grade Set Premium Account: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Destroyer (Titan) Level: (3rd class) Equipment: A gr
  6. WTS Character and Items - ArcheAge NA Server Server Location: North America Character level: 50 Equipment: Hasla Weapon + Set level 50 6 APEX 23 Labor potions Other items: Clipper / Donkey / Glider / Horse Character Has 60 Inventory Slots Character Has 80 Warehouse Slots Full Warehouse of usefull Items Do not waste my time if you are a scammer! PM FOR MORE INFO!
  7. Trusted! Everything went fast and as we agreed.
  8. EVERYTHING WAS SOLD! Thank you! WTS on L2-Citadel: Character (EE) level 75 with: DC Robe Set full unsealed Kookabura Improved 60 kk Adena Mammon Dyes ON or Character (Necro) level 76 with: 3rd Class Completed DC Robe Set unsealed Kookabura 30kk+ Adena Mammon Dyes ON Characters are sold with Master Account & e-mail. Payment Method: PayPal - PM for more information! Scammers please don't waste my time!