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  1. Dagger 61 lvl full a grade items +3 all +180kk +31donate coins +2blessed enchant armor s grade +10 blessed enchant armor a grade
  2. Add in discord im interested Shade#0145
  3. εγω 55 πληρωνα το 18 και 55 πληρωνω και το 19.. 30mbs + ote tv full kai sta8ero me kapoies wres pou den me endiaferoun ka8olou..o ote edw pou eimai egw eksuphretei pio polu kosmo vdsl para h forthnet..k eksuphrethsh se nea sundesh egine mesa se 5 meres ola , mono sthn metafora mou arghse to internet 7 meres . molis megalwsei h fothnet ths perioxes ths vdsl kai mou lhksei o ote tote nai 8a paw ekei pera
  4. since i didnt flamed anyone and we had a talk here why u deleted my posts ? cuz was the truth ?
  5. it would be good but low population atm
  6. Christmas is coming so they need money dude..simple as that
  7. Trusted seller! And the cheapest out there!
  8. isnt paypal still blocked in greece?