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  1. Dagger 61 lvl full a grade items +3 all +180kk +31donate coins +2blessed enchant armor s grade +10 blessed enchant armor a grade
  2. Add in discord im interested Shade#0145
  3. εγω 55 πληρωνα το 18 και 55 πληρωνω και το 19.. 30mbs + ote tv full kai sta8ero me kapoies wres pou den me endiaferoun ka8olou..o ote edw pou eimai egw eksuphretei pio polu kosmo vdsl para h forthnet..k eksuphrethsh se nea sundesh egine mesa se 5 meres ola , mono sthn metafora mou arghse to internet 7 meres . molis megalwsei h fothnet ths perioxes ths vdsl kai mou lhksei o ote tote nai 8a paw ekei pera
  4. since i didnt flamed anyone and we had a talk here why u deleted my posts ? cuz was the truth ?
  5. it would be good but low population atm
  6. Christmas is coming so they need money dude..simple as that
  7. isnt paypal still blocked in greece?