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  1. Nice, we got more ppl every week, this week 2 new CPs join us. As i said, we only need more international clans. server is a long term project.
  2. server doesnt count off shops, server made 3 months online yesterday, so you will find ppl at 70+ spots. low level you will find at cruma , EV . Every month we got more people on, this is a long term project, no wipe . We just need more International community
  3. I ask you to like my instagram and/or fb picture to win the event in wars.town https://www.instagram.com/p/CN9xs_4DmYG/ https://www.facebook.com/l2warstown/photos/a.188587466302620/256965229464843 Thanks a lot for the help :D
  4. Server has 400 unique IPs and more ppl logging every week. If you have an International clan and want to join us, pm me
  5. There is any file or scrpt that can make craft editable, so you can craft 10x 100x once? for classic secret of empires
  6. Double adena event starts today!!
  7. Great time to start! Adena Double event on Easter holiday! Enjoy! Valid from Friday 02/04/2021 6:00 am until Monday 6:00 am (GMT-3).