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  1. Any chance you encountered issue with font using deadz interface? As long as font is missing everything is aligned ok but text looks bad, as soon as i add the font or edit interface.xdat to change it - title of a character gets aligned to the right, looking really shit. Checked whole xdat file but cannot find any reference to title to try and adjust the location
  2. Anyone found a way to fix the font without having badly aligned titles?
  3. Looking for advice regarding text alignment, with deadz 2.4 changed font name (tried both by placing file in the system and via xdat change). Where can i edit alignment, as after changing it out as you can see the image - title is moved to the right as is misaligned? P.S. tried to copy font info from 1.8 interface xdat which displays just fine (tahoma.ttf, same sizes) but getting same result
  4. And where did you take the initial clean system from, before applying the interface on it? Certainly me using some wrong system files is the reason why i cannot enter game It seems i found the issue - nwindow.u and .dll
  5. I tried 1.8 , 2.1 , 2.4 from mxc, 2.4 from deadz website. Now found another clean patch that works by itself but getting this error as soon as interface.u is replaced - same exact error. Any chance you have another clean patch that i can try?
  6. Well when i first got the h5 client i downloaded like 4 or 5 clean (at least it claims so) patches and only 1 worked (others could not even start the game), so tried with just that one. Would this indicate that the patch isn't clean? Maybe know where i can get a legit clean patch for h5 then?
  7. Hello, i seem to be having issues with H5 interfaces, no matter which one i install - if it includes interface.u file always get the SAME exact error. Tried with interfaces: Deadz 1.8-2.4 (multiple versions) Edkith Peepoclown (thats the file name, cant remember exact name but its the essence style one) Given that this happens with as soon as that file is touched there must be some issue elsewhere - anyone knows what's up? Spent some time on google but just see a lot of these errors with no solutions
  8. I use JDK 13. And didnt use source, got prebuilt jar. On that note downloading source is error fest because some packages for imports are missing (custom L2Tool ones)
  9. How come grand opening here and on website are 2 months apart?
  10. Looks like a cash grab. Donations expensive as hell (15 eur for vip or full buffs as example per month), especially for x25 server. Plenty of bugs to go around. Fake online - would seem like chars stay up for a while after log out, because giran is crazy full but majority just stand in 1 spot everytime i see them. Full of bots. No forum or discord, which is shady AF, legit reason for this does not exist. Play here with real caution. PS and yes its the same server as noobwars
  11. Cannot add in dsc without a # tag and numbers Or add skype martynnas@hotmail.co.uk
  12. Decided to stop playing and would like to sell the following.. 40 EE 5e - empty If anyone interested lets talk and see what we can agree - pm me here and we can talk here or i will give my discord.. :) For people with existing solid reputation will transfer first.