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  1. No Forum , No Flames , If someone want to see the server can join Beta at 30 March
  2. Interlude - Craft-PVP X25 server will Start on April 3 at 21: 00 GMT +3 OBT will be Launched on March 30 at 21: 00 GMT +3 Server dates: Start date: April 3 at 21:00 GMT +3 OBT Start: March 30 at 21: 00 GMT +3 Register Account Download client and patch for the game Already done? Let's start studying "about the Server"... Basic information: Classic Lineage II Interlude Craft-Pvp Profession is taken from npc (All towns) Perfect GEODATA and PTS-platform Buffs Time 2 hours, 24+ 4 learnable with boots Full Auction House of Alt+B (new feature) Original Thegame information: Server Platform: L2OFF - Oficial Files PTS Retail Interlude Interlude / Non Custom Craft Server Timezone: Time (+3 GMT) Armor and weapons up to B grade. All consumables are available in the store. C-Grade and B-Grade by Adena. A-Grade and S-Grade by Craft. Profession: Price of the first profession 100.000 Adena price of the second profession-free 1.000.000 Adena Third profession - 700 Halisha Mark Rates: Exp/Sp: X25. Adena: X15. Drop: x15. Spoil: x10. Seal Stone: X10. RB Drop: X3. Epic RB Drop: X1. Quest Drop: X5. (rates raised only on some quests, much detail below) Quest Reward: X1. Manor: x1. Quests with increased rate: Alliance with Varka Silenos - X5; War with Varka Silenos - X5; Alliance with Ketra Silenos - X5; War with Ketra orcs - X5; Relics of the Old Empire - X5; Gather the Flames - X5; Through the Gate Once More - X5; Exploration of Giants Cave, part 1 - X5; Exploration of Giants Cave, part 2 - X5; Legacy of Insolence - X5; Whisper of Dreams, part 1 - X5; Whisper of Dreams, part 2 - X5; Seductive Whispers - X5; A Game of Cards - X5; Into the Flame - X5; Finest Food - X5; Seekers of the Holy Grail - X5; Guardians of the Holy Grail - X5; Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force - X5; The Zero Hour - X5; A Powerful Primeval - X5; Rise & & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - X5; Premium account Rates: Exp/Sp: X50. Adena: X30. Drop: x30. Spoil: X20. Seal Stone: X20. How Premium character works? Example: Premium character holder. Exp/Sp/Adena/Drop/Spoil/Seal Stone/ work only for the premium character holder. (not in party) (or all players need to have premium from the party.) Events: Daily Custom Events TvT (with automatic buff sets mage/warrior) Sub-class and Nobless: Sub-Class does not require quest. Npc in Giran. *to obtain scepters , you have to be 75+ level. Noblesse quest retail. Olympiad: Olympiad Duration: from 18:00 to 00:00 GMT +3. Olympiad Period - 1 week. Start of the Olympiad - March 13 (Monday) at 18:00. End of period 1 - April 20 (Monday) at 00:00. Hwid Protection. Augmentation (Life Stone): Drop Top-Grade Life Stone with Tyrannosaurs 20%. Respawn 15 minutes. Chance obtain Skil with argument: tor Life Stone-15%, High Life Stone-7%, Mid Life Stone-5%, NG Life Stone-3% Server Currency: Adena - the main currency of GM shop. Extracted from all the monsters. Event Coin - auto events, mobs Champions, RB or mobs 76+. Donate Coin - you can get a donation to the project. Commands working on the project: .menu - player control panel (enable/disable experience, trade, invitations, etc.) Epic Bosses: Core - 18:00 - 19:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 1 day) || *DEAD FROM START! Orfen - 19:00 - 20:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 1 day) || *DEAD FROM START! Ant Queen - 20:00 - 21:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 1 day) || *DEAD FROM START! Zaken - 21:00 - 22:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 2 days) || *DEAD FROM START! Frintezza - 21:00 - 22:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 2 days) || *DEAD FROM START! Baium - 22:00 - 23:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 5 days) || *DEAD FROM START! Antharas - 22:00 - 23:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 8 days) || *DEAD FROM START! Valakas - 22:00 - 23:00 (GMT +3) - (resp 11 days) || *DEAD FROM START! Raid Bosses: Flame of Splendor Barakiel || Respawn - 6 hours +- 10 minutes Ketra's Hero Hekaton || Respawn - 12 hours +- 1 hour Ketra's Commander Tayr || Respawn - 12 hours +- 1 hour Varka's Hero Shadith || Respawn - 12 hours +- 1 hour Varka's Commander Mos || Respawn - 12 hours +- 1 hour Instance - Sairen Boss || Respawn - 12 hours +- 1 hour Subclass Raid Bosses: 80 Level - Cabrio || Respawn - 9 Hours +- 15 minutes 80 Level - Golkonda || Respawn - 9 Hours +- 15 minutes 80 Level - Hallate || Respawn - 9 Hours +- 15 minutes 80 Level - Kernon || Respawn - 9 Hours +- 15 minutes Server Description updated - 18/ March/ 2020
  3. Dont play ..simple ! Is mid rate like all mid-rates donations. We will try to make him long term yes ...So dont play!
  4. We discuss to make one PvP server on our plans ! end we are the real Thegame with Stamp and Original Logo - Domain
  5. 4 months with java bots players which running everywhere? and real online 30 people ? I have java server files ! Dont push me to speak more and my eglish is suck :) , is not good for you and your boss! Last time ... Watch your server , i will watch mine ..what is the problem !
  6. Yes i remember Puppy , Your boss Vercati open the Fake Elixir same dates with me and he fail ! I told you stop watch my topics and replay with no reason ! Go to your server! We are not spaming and flame at your server topics , so dont do that ! take your prove at this video !
  7. You are not Vercati's puppy ? For zeus , tales , redmoon etc? Why i must answer on your flame section , Pls go to your server and leave us ...!
  8. Events + Continue Advertising for new players! + Activity + No corruption + We will try to make the players not boring!
  9. You can make the quest retail , or you can donate and take the quest!
  10. HF server will re-open at 2019 , Java developers prepare new things inside !! Stay tuned! First class - 200.000 adena Second class - 3.000.000 adenaThird Class 700 Halisha Mark You can make the quest of course without donate if you want for third class and subclass!
  11. THE LEGEND IS COMING BACK! Official launch date: 21 Deceber 2018 - 21:00 GMT +2 Server name: L2TheGame x15 Server chronicle: Interlude Server platform: L2OFF We focus this time on one thing: "LONG TERM SERVER" We have setted up our server based on real PTS Files. One of the best setup server! The most famous Interlude clans from Rusia, Greece, Romania, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Spain and many other countries that will be here to support this experience! No custumization and real PvP. A huge community will try to take a place on the Hall of Fame of Thegame Server. Big and small clans. Write your own history in Thegame! JOIN US! More server features coming soon. Website: Forum: Facebook: Facebook Group: LINEAGE II AND ALL ASSOCIATED LOGOS AND DESIGNS ARE TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NCSOFT CORPORATION. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
  12. We are really happy to announce finally that our OPEN BETA Period has finally come to an end!The goal achieved, we made our server even better than before! All these days we created something strong, something that will last over 1-month like server which you played all this time! So, what comes now? Of course, our Grand Opening! Loyal to our schedule the Grand Opening will take place today 29/6/2018 at 21:00 GMT+2! In few hours we have our Grand Opening and as you can see tons of people waiting around to Login & Play! We have already 2000 accounts created ! Of course, when a project like this getting alive as usual it has haters. So we are aware that our enemies will try to ddos us. We have been prepared for a situation like this. Don't worry we are always a step ahead!But we highly recommend to pick a proxy which will suit you better from others! How to do that? It's quite simple! Just after your login just pick the server with the lowest ping (from the server selection menu!) Create your accounts, prepare your clients by downloading & running our Updater! AND Get Ready for an EPIC journey! Have Fun and Stay Tuned! L2TheGame Team
  13. One of the best setup server! The most famous Interlude clans from Russia, Greece, Romania, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Spain and many other countries , will be here to support this great venture! Join us at 29 June and write your name at this historical lineage battle !! Site: Один из лучших серверов настройки! Самые известные интерлюдии кланов из России, Греции, Румынии, Бразилии, Украины, Польши, Испании и многих других стран, будут здесь, чтобы поддержать это большое предприятие! Присоединяйтесь к нам 29 июня и напишите свое имя в этой исторической битве!! Сайт: