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  1. Dont play ..simple ! Is mid rate like all mid-rates donations. We will try to make him long term yes ...So dont play!
  2. We discuss to make one PvP server ...is on our plans ! end we are the real Thegame with Stamp and Original Logo - Domain
  3. 4 months with java bots players which running everywhere? and real online 30 people ? I have java server files ! Dont push me to speak more and my eglish is suck :) , is not good for you and your boss! Last time ... Watch your server , i will watch mine ..what is the problem !
  4. Yes i remember Puppy , Your boss Vercati open the Fake Elixir same dates with me and he fail ! I told you stop watch my topics and replay with no reason ! Go to your server! We are not spaming and flame at your server topics , so dont do that ! take your prove at this video !
  5. You are not Vercati's puppy ? For zeus , tales , redmoon etc? Why i must answer on your flame section , Pls go to your server and leave us ...!
  6. Events + Continue Advertising for new players! + Activity + No corruption + We will try to make the players not boring!
  7. You can make the quest retail , or you can donate and take the quest!
  8. HF server will re-open at 2019 , Java developers prepare new things inside !! Stay tuned! First class - 200.000 adena Second class - 3.000.000 adenaThird Class 700 Halisha Mark You can make the quest of course without donate if you want for third class and subclass!
  9. THE LEGEND IS COMING BACK! Official launch date: 21 Deceber 2018 - 21:00 GMT +2 Server name: L2TheGame x15 Server chronicle: Interlude Server platform: L2OFF We focus this time on one thing: "LONG TERM SERVER" We have setted up our server based on real PTS Files. One of the best setup server! The most famous Interlude clans from Rusia, Greece, Romania, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Spain and many other countries that will be here to support this experience! No custumization and real PvP. A huge community will try to take a place on the Hall of Fame of Thegame Server. Big and small clans. Write your own history in Thegame! JOIN US! More server features coming soon. Website: http://l2.thegame.gr/ Forum: http://forums.l2.thegame.gr/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2thegame/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/l2thegame/ LINEAGE II AND ALL ASSOCIATED LOGOS AND DESIGNS ARE TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NCSOFT CORPORATION. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.