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  1. Update: Our discord giveaways are currently live on our discord servers' giveaways channel, join now to take part and win prizes! :)
  2. So we have just finished our Beta test which went pretty well. Now we will prepare the server for official launch and do a little more testing to ensure a good gameplay for all of you! GRAND OPENING ON 03-10-2020 AT 17:00 GMT+0 Join our Discord channel for most up to date news, discussions and upcoming prize draws that will take place between 28 of September and 3 of October!
  3. Update: Open Beta test is starting today in 2 hours (counter available on website). We will leave open doors for 1 week so people can look around and those more interested participate in last stretch of feature testing. We have the patch uploaded with links available on the website or alternatively on our discord channel if there is an issue with website.
  4. A little update, we have started 2 events with the upcoming start. More events and giveaways will be happening during beta and before full start so join our discord to stay updated!
  5. L2BattleZone A brand new project with a focus on craft/pvp style and the community. There are no plans for wipes and we plan to keep the server going for a long term. You can find a lot more information on one of our channels: L2BattleZone website Discord channel Facebook page
  6. Thanks! I will test this out now No sirra, i have heard that it is problematic a while ago so would not even consider of using it :) EDIT: can confirm this has fixed the issue, thank you for advice and the fix!
  7. Most of the towns but only inside. I will try to remove it tomorrow and do some teleporting to see if that changes anything.
  8. Hi Neves, i am indeed using npc with effects, did have such suspicion but thought that this was unlikely because this error is thrown around even when i TP into farm zone or other area without this npc. And what is really odd that it doesnt always throw the error, i can walk around, teleport 5-11 times before critical error shows up. Clean patch (no interface mods) works fine without any errors with custom npc Thought it may be something with systextures OR interface.u/xdat after doing some trial and error between clean patch and modified versions and plan to continue tomorrow.
  9. Would like to ask if anyone doing work with client modifications recognize this error and know which file would be the cause of this? This happens during teleports, not always, around every 5 TPs.
  10. Hello, i was wondering if anyone could tell which file contains information on what happens when alt+p is pressed? I'd like to try and edit so every single effect is turned off with it, for mass fights
  11. I have the core side, just dont like that left click activates it. Would like to work like soul shots - left single use, right auto.
  12. Thats what i tried too but still doesnt react.. And if i use cmd, get this error: Error: Could not find or load main class acmi.l2.clientmod.l2tool.L2Tool Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/application/Application
  13. Here must be some people using this tool. Maybe im doing something wrong, but neither double click nor command line -jar is launching the acmi/L2Tool for me. How can i launch it?