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  1. Hi! Wondering if anyone around have armorgrp entries for the following (just the hair part) for H5 and wouldn't mind to share? White assassin hood black assassin hood beleth hood Vampire Halo Hat Forage Cap Hat Black Beret Hat Cyborg Cap Hat Mask Shadow Hat Lord Halo Hat Cowboy Hat Wizard Green Hat Wizard Red Hat Musketeer Black Hat Samurai Hat Masquerad Hat Blue Zaken Hat
  2. EDIT: Due to issue with a hosting provider Interlude open beta and start have been moved by a week and now are the same as High-Five server!
  3. L2BattleZone A new start is around the corner this time around. We are finalizing works on 2 servers this time - Interlude and High-Five chronicles. Both servers will be focused on low-mid rate with some aspects having higher difficulty to increase longevity of the servers! Interlude: OPEN BETA - 11th-13th of April 20:00 GMT+0 SERVER LAUNCH - 15th of April 18:00 GMT+0 Rates: XP/SP:12 Drop/Spoil: 8 Adena: 9 Raid: 4 Quest: 3 High-Five: OPEN BETA - 11th-13th of April 20:00 GMT+0 SERVER LAUNCH - 15th o
  4. Having problems to save file when using Costumes part 1, Beach. Chinese and school costumes seem to be good. Haven't tried costumes part 2 or Underwear yet And if that explains anything the error (at least the first one) is logged as this: Reading row error: row: 3636 field: 53 / 73 (name: f_OrcMage_add)
  5. Doesn't look like armorgrp is correct for some
  6. Hi, i am looking some insight into what may be causing this. When gm char teleports somewhere (town only) everyone around get this error, even my 2nd window with test character. Is there a way to pinpoint what type of file may be causing this? Cant seem to be able to crack this case
  7. Server is fully starting tomorrow at 17:00 GMT+0 Giveaways live on our discord!
  8. Update: Our discord giveaways are currently live on our discord servers' giveaways channel, join now to take part and win prizes! :)
  9. So we have just finished our Beta test which went pretty well. Now we will prepare the server for official launch and do a little more testing to ensure a good gameplay for all of you! GRAND OPENING ON 03-10-2020 AT 17:00 GMT+0 Join our Discord channel for most up to date news, discussions and upcoming prize draws that will take place between 28 of September and 3 of October!
  10. Update: Open Beta test is starting today in 2 hours (counter available on website). We will leave open doors for 1 week so people can look around and those more interested participate in last stretch of feature testing. We have the patch uploaded with links available on the website or alternatively on our discord channel if there is an issue with website.
  11. A little update, we have started 2 events with the upcoming start. More events and giveaways will be happening during beta and before full start so join our discord to stay updated!
  12. L2BattleZone A brand new project with a focus on craft/pvp style and the community. There are no plans for wipes and we plan to keep the server going for a long term. You can find a lot more information on one of our channels: L2BattleZone website Discord channel Facebook page