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  1. He's not hiding he makes an appearance when he's able to, Life got him atm, there's no free time for him to spend on lineage. You have start telling people stories about xdem in person too, pay for advertise don't use aepvp to grow your community. Good luck with the alpha and I really hope you will achieve what we didn't in these years.
  2. Base Features: Starting Level: 85 Max Level: 95 Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant on A: +35 Max Enchant on S: +30 Max Enchant on Unique/Epic/Relic: +25 Enchant Rates: Rates displayed on scrolls descriptions. Custom Weapons / Armors. Customized Accessories with stats. Custom Farm Zones (Cave of Trials - Primeval Isle - Forbidden Gateway). PvP Zones (Hunters Village - Gludin Village). Over 50 Raids with custom drops. Wondrous Cubic to fast access some services. Mp and Hp consumption over time from buffs/toggles have
  3. Check here our features detailed: http://l2aepvp.net/index.php?/forum/28-server-features/
  4. Maintenance from hosting company
  5. We're doing our best and you know it, thanks for your support these days in Beta. Beta's progress is going well, small bugs are being fixed day by day and class/items balance is going to a very good state. Join AEPVP Beta: http://l2aepvp.net/index.php?/topic/159-how-to-connect-to-beta/
  6. http://l2aepvp.net/index.php?/topic/159-how-to-connect-to-beta Beta LIVE
  7. Server will go through Beta Phase before the launch. The Grand Opening will follow after beta. Beta Opening: Sunday 4th of June http://l2aepvp.net/index.php?/topic/150-opening-date/
  8. Site: http://www.l2aepvp.net Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aepvp/ Full Features Detailed: http://l2aepvp.net/index.php?/forum/28-server-features/ Lineage 2 AEPVP Plans for this opening: Heroes: My number 1 priority was this, since it was something that was really missing from previous openings. Forget about Olympiad we are a Custom server and we're gonna take it too far on this, this is how it's gonna be: Glory Points Hours: Every day for 1 Hour (3 Days random hours / 3 Days scheduled hours / Sunday will be a rest day to show off your glow) Glory Places: Randomly picke
  9. try this one http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/pUDPTCFX/file.html
  10. Huge nerf wave (5/27/2016): Pride Gear (Decreased all bonus stats) Eternium Gear (They don't have extra stats any more, only boosted Pride stats) Belts (Nerfed on stats) DECREASED enchant BONUS penalties. DECREASED pAtk/mAtk BOOST on all Tiers Magic Barrier NERF 38% -> 30% Death Whisper NERF 35% -> 25% POF removed Critical Rate bonus, COV / POW Critical Rate bonus nerfed Iron Fist REMOVED CC Skill Critical Damage (NERF) changed from x2.5 to x0.44 Sonic Rage & Raging Force NERF on damage DEX now affects PHYSICAL CDR Changed Evasion - Accuracy formula BETA STATE (could be messed up)
  11. Hey, I'm looking for a converter from SMF to IPB. Tried this one already https://invisionpower.com/files/category/133-converter/ Result: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
  12. http://l2aepvp.net/forums/index.php Stay tuned! ;)
  13. #1 #2 & #3 (Vitality and Gracia Like hero glow) I also bet that the custom skills grp,utx are mine too. Just be polite and don't try to act smart when you know you're not.
  14. It's good to see people using my client patch. Also your server is like *OLD* L2AEPVP and not L2PRIDE. GL with your sales.
  15. GL with this, im pretty sure that the code will be totally perfect, the idea is amazing.