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  1. I wonder how all these customs are implemented on l2off
  2. why not? you know very well that theres lot of trash and garbage that we have to deal with
  3. I never shared or scammed pride files. I denied to work with khalifa when he came to me as soon as he got the files in his hands the same way I declined to work with you
  4. Can't fck you atm cuz im at work from Android 1. 2 years, maybe u mean 6 months? It was THIS september idiot. 2. You pretend to be java god when you first appeared, then I understand that you are very low and amateur when you asked me those questions 6 months ago, and then you give as screens that prove that you wanted to hire a guy claiming to be "enchanted" java developer *enchanted* lol, anyway and this guy is the great khalifa the retarded vzla scammer. Your story has many flaws mate, idk if its due your English problems
  5. So true! Thank you. Apart from the fact that his name is actually is Jesus Rodriguez aka khalifa aka many other names he used to scam and deceive people. The same vzla guy who manages to scam hnoke and leak the l2pride bugged source and db in the first place.
  6. the quality of the server is much worse than the quality of this trashcan's English. I can guarantee that
  7. pamela o gianakis simera me kernaei potaki me ta dika sou lefta file
  8. Basic Features Self update Available in both x32 and x64 New Client update GoogleDrive sync (deprecated) Private FTP / HTTP / SFTP Antivirus Friendly Push notifications Background Task WinXP Support Pro Features (Silently injects code on l2.exe after update+run) Unavailable Server refuses logins from outdated clients New Packets with unique opcodes support (Recieve / Send) 99% Unbypassable HWID system (detects hwid bypass, and reports back to the server) VAC System (Flags a user if he uses 3rd party software, and reports back to the server) A small preview: Pricing: Standard 150 Euros Pro 200 Euros Availability: Available TEST PATCH Test Server