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  1. Here comes another shithead to boast. Have you even read the opening post? The code is there. First link. The same goes to you, learn to read. Don't have anything to add, move on. I didn't open a thread for posts from a bunch of arrogant morons who apparently can't even read before wanting to talk shit.
  2. If you don't know how to act towards other people, you can pay for a therapist to treat you so you can learn how not to be arrogant. How about that? Have you stopped to analyze how much self loathe you must have to feel the need to say shit to others you don't know on free forums? That's my free tip for you. The forum is a place to ask for help, not to read shit from little brats like yourself. Don't wanna help, move on. I was very clear on which bits i was having issues with, i showed some of what i've researched, and it's not just 'bits' it's
  3. Hello, I need some help regarding the Vote-Reward system. I know this can be a common question, but i did find couple threads here that talk about this, but they didn't work or i couldn't quite figure them out. I have found this thread below, with an API system, that could work for me, but i couldn't quite understand what i'd need to adapt for L2JFrozen or how i'd add it (i'm not a professional programmer, so, i have access to the source, i know how to make simple edits, but i'm not so good with adding something entirely new like this), so if anyone can help with this o
  4. Ok returning with the results. Switching the files, did not work. However, adding log.cfg lines in addition to those on logger.properties worked like a charm!! Thank you so much for the help and all the tips.
  5. Ok thanks! I will attempt that on my next maintenance. I'll be back here tomorrow to say if that has worked for me. Thanks for all the tips so far =)
  6. Ok but just to understand properly, do i do this with the logger.properties - the notepad file only? Or do i have do look for something on the java codes to implement? If so, what files on the java code should i be looking for? I will test all your suggestions on my next maintenance.
  7. I tried, but it did not log item drops aswell. I've been trying to dig all over java codes trying to find something but i couldnt find why one is logging and the other one isn't. Would you know what are all the java files related to creating a specific log so i can compare them? I mean, besides those on com.l2jfrozen.logs?
  8. But where would i attempt that replace? There are multiple files that call for ChatLog on java. On developer properties they already call both. Im trying to understand what you're suggesting me to try. As for logger.properties. I haven't touched here's their codes: log4j.rootLogger=INFO, console, file log4j.appender.console=org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender log4j.appender.console.threshold=DEBUG log4j.appender.console.layout=org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout log4j.appender.console.layout.ConversionPattern=%-5p %m%n log4j.appender.file=org.apache.log4j.FileAppender log4j.appender
  9. @Rootware Hello, thanks for the reply and sorry for only being able to respond today. It's been a busy week for me. I tested the changes you suggested on ChatFilter.java, sadly, that did not solve the problem. Is there any other java file/code regarding chatlog of my revision you'd like to see? I can send it. But i'm still not getting any chat logs. What i find weird as i mentioned earlier, is that GMAudit, Karmadrop, loginserver/gameserver logs get created without any problems. Everything is set to true on developer.properties and i even tested an extra lin
  10. Hello guys. Im using one of the most recent L2JFrozen revision FYI. I've been recently having the issue of many trash talking players on a server. As i assume everyone gets at some point. And i'm just trying to cut it directly by simple banning everyone that is being disrespectul. The thing is, my chat.log file is not recording. I've set up on developer.propertier file the part where was LogChat = False to true, and even made an attempt to change directly on the source file. I went to say2.java file (which is the file on this rev tha
  11. Thanks! I'll try this on my next maintenance! If it changes for 9501 that should work for me. Clearly some active members here doesn't understand the concept of a questions and support forum, so this is greatly appreciated.
  12. 'Cause learning an entire programming language is the solution when the forum is exactly the place to ask for help? Seriously dude. If you don't want to help, don't reply. You're just being rude now.
  13. Yeah i could, but i'm making a free server for fun, not gonna pay if i'm not making any profit. What i need is a working way to change the auth/login port on the client side. That's all. I've already mentioned 2 ways i've found to change it, and i also mentioned why they're not working. I'm assuming it would not be complicated for any programmer with dll knowledge to help with this and that's what i'm asking.
  14. I do man, that's not my issue. The issue is, i have dynamic IP, the dynamic IP of my internet provider automatically shuts down all ports after a certain period of time. So basically, i have my server working properly without any problems, but after a certain period, like 24h, all my ports under 9000 gets forcedly shut down and i need to manually reboot my router in order for it to work again. I'm trying to work around this by using ports higher than 9000, and i could change everything, except the login port on the client side, because of the issues i mentio
  15. Ok guys, i really need some help here. For some stupid reason, my internet provider shuts down all ports under a specific number and i can't change that unless i'd pay for more (of course). I was able to change all ports to values that worked for me on the server side. On the client side however, i can't seem to change the login port. I've found 2 supportive files that were supposed to change the auth port: - Goldfinch authorization port changer: an .exe file to run on the system folder that supposedly changes the port on the engine.dll file - this meth