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  1. Hello guys. Im using one of the most recent L2JFrozen revision FYI. I've been recently having the issue of many trash talking players on a server. As i assume everyone gets at some point. And i'm just trying to cut it directly by simple banning everyone that is being disrespectul. The thing is, my chat.log file is not recording. I've set up on developer.propertier file the part where was LogChat = False to true, and even made an attempt to change directly on the source file. I went to file (which is the file on this rev that controls all say actions) and found the following line: if (Config.LOG_CHAT) { final LogRecord record = new LogRecord(Level.INFO, _text); record.setLoggerName("chat"); if (_type == TELL) { record.setParameters(new Object[] { CHAT_NAMES[_type], "[" + activeChar.getName() + " to " + _target + "]" }); } else { record.setParameters(new Object[] { CHAT_NAMES[_type], "[" + activeChar.getName() + "]" }); } _logChat.log(record); } Since it's not recognizing the Config.LOG_CHAT, i tried simply to replace it to a simple verification like: if (activeChar.getLevel() > 0 ) then keep everything else the same. I even changed the permissions on the log folder for users to have full access to create files, but that wasnt it. And what is even weirder to me, is that GMAudit, karmadrop and some other files are created without any problems. Anyone can help?
  2. Thanks! I'll try this on my next maintenance! If it changes for 9501 that should work for me. Clearly some active members here doesn't understand the concept of a questions and support forum, so this is greatly appreciated.
  3. 'Cause learning an entire programming language is the solution when the forum is exactly the place to ask for help? Seriously dude. If you don't want to help, don't reply. You're just being rude now.
  4. Yeah i could, but i'm making a free server for fun, not gonna pay if i'm not making any profit. What i need is a working way to change the auth/login port on the client side. That's all. I've already mentioned 2 ways i've found to change it, and i also mentioned why they're not working. I'm assuming it would not be complicated for any programmer with dll knowledge to help with this and that's what i'm asking.
  5. I do man, that's not my issue. The issue is, i have dynamic IP, the dynamic IP of my internet provider automatically shuts down all ports after a certain period of time. So basically, i have my server working properly without any problems, but after a certain period, like 24h, all my ports under 9000 gets forcedly shut down and i need to manually reboot my router in order for it to work again. I'm trying to work around this by using ports higher than 9000, and i could change everything, except the login port on the client side, because of the issues i mentioned on my first post.
  6. Ok guys, i really need some help here. For some stupid reason, my internet provider shuts down all ports under a specific number and i can't change that unless i'd pay for more (of course). I was able to change all ports to values that worked for me on the server side. On the client side however, i can't seem to change the login port. I've found 2 supportive files that were supposed to change the auth port: - Goldfinch authorization port changer: an .exe file to run on the system folder that supposedly changes the port on the engine.dll file - this method is from 2008, so i think it does not work properly cause the client does not open with the new generated engine.dll. (Found it on the following link: ) - authport, by Fyyre: On this method you encode on the l2.exe to read this authport.dll and change the port to a hexadecimal number on the .ini file. This method works perfectly. However, it only reads hexadecimal numbers limited to 3 characters. So the highest port possible would be hex FFF - 4.095. And that does not work for me cause i need to use 9000 or higher ports (Found it on the following link shared here on maxcheaters:!1FMQTTCZ!E7tnIb7qFmthkU9uuF310Sx8mQuM2nYNfdK_ai5vRrE ) I tried to find some .dll editor but i'm not a professional programmer so i have no clue on how or what to change on the authport.dll for the file to read 4 hexadecimal characters. If you guys have any better methods, i'd gladly try them out, 'cause i couldn't find anything. Please help me.