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  1. Anyone will join l2 epic? It opens in a few days quote below if you would like to join the server!
  2. L2 sentoria is currently open and l2epic is prepared to open at the end of September
  3. Lf a Gracia Final server with many players
  4. Buy items and char on l2 sentoria
  5. Gracia Final Pride Style is better
  6. Καλησπέρα. Αγοράζω items ή και char για οποιονδηποτε pride style server.Όποιος πουλάει κατι σε τετοιους σερβερς να μου απαντησει και να μου σείλει.
  7. An poyliseis sto melon items i char se pride style server opws o epic agorazw na mou steileis :)
  8. Καλησπέρα.Έχω μια απορια και θέλω να σας ρωτήσω κατι.Για ποιό λόγο δεν πάίζει ο κόσμος l2?Kai eidika giati den paizei o kosmos pride style servers kai exoun toso ligo kosmo oi pride style servers?Afou einai polu wraioi kai monadikoi den katalabainw giati den paizoune tetoius servers pragmatika!
  9. If will be like pride style?What items will have vesper titanium uniques etc?
  10. Hey what items will have?Have vesper titanium uniques etc? Or only low grade items?
  11. Ty alla afto einai gia high five oxi gia Gracia final aderfe
  12. Kserete kanena hack gia l2 Gracia Final Pride Style?
  13. Kserete kanena hack gia l2 Gracia Final Pride Style?