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  1. Grand Opening at 07 of August. Expecting over 2000 Players Online! Beta is online! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JCAYpmE Website: https://l2.games/ SERVER RATES & FEATURES Adena:x10 Drop:x10 Spoil:x10 Recipes Drop/Spoil:x3 Keymats Drop/Spoil:x3 Manor:x3 Maximum Clients per HWID: 3 Buff Slots:24+4 +12 Dances and Songs 1000 MP – 10 Seconds Offline Store
  2. Thanks you looking forward seeing you guys in live server :)
  3. You can see that by testing out our beta
  4. Real L2E-Global is L2E-Global.gr not .com since years and years ago prolly you don't even know because u was not even playing we are not trying to copy someone or be someone. This is who we are
  5. Full server Description Interlude x50 Opening May 16 at 19:00 (GMT+2) Open Test of the server will be available from May 1 18:00 (GMT+2) Website: http://l2e-global.gr/ Discord: https://discord.gg/QrpPDuu Rates Xp = 50. Sp = 50. Drop = 30. Adena = 10. SealStones = 5. Spoil = 15. RaidBoss Drop = 5. Epic RaidBoss Drop = 1. Manor = 5. Game Play What awaits you in the beginning All characters start with top no grade armor + weapon + soul / spirit shots In all towns - villages where characte
  6. https://l2e-global.com/forum/threads/gracia-final-november-1.194928/
  7. Clash of two legends On annual Gracia Final. This is - Gracia Final x7 by E-Global 1 November, 2019 Webiste: l2e-global.com Dear friends! One more year have passed and that means it is time to plug your devices and enjoy the astonishing event on our gaming platform Lineage 2: Gracia Final! This year our team has made really colossal work on updating Interlude, Gracia Final and Glory World (GvE) products. From your perspective this might look that we are trying to master all at once and spend so much energy which usually means you can't do everyt
  8. BETA IS NOW ONLINE! Website: - https://l2e-global.com/
  9. Basic rates: EXP & SP x10, Raid EXP & SP x7 EXP & SP acquirement depends on characters level: from level 1 to level 75 static rate x10 Level 76 - х9 Level 77 - х8 Level 78 - х7 Level 79 - х6 Characters above level 79 has fixed x5 rates. With raid bosses EXP & SP acquirement depends on boss level: From level 20 to level 39 static x7 rates From level 40 to level 69 slight EXP & SP rise up to x12 Raid Bosses of level 70 and above has fixed x12 rates Premium Account provides personal 30% Exp bonus and 100% SP bo
  10. 26.07.19 Chronicle: Gracia Epilogue (based on Grand Crusade client) Rates: х10 by E-Global & AdvExt only PTS platform Website: - https://l2e-global.com/ Dear players! We always pay attention to your wishes and also keep an eye on Lineage II market in general. In the past 4 years players interest to High Five Gracia chronicles has increased significantly. Gracia Final is one of the most balanced and interesting chronicles to play and this chronicles always provide you with long playing time. But we all agreed that summer is not for hardcore 24/7 farming, boosting and a lot o