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  1. Hello,is there any server like pride/finest interlude arround?beside this l2finest brazilian shit full of gm chars and corruption
  2. Hello,im selling adena on l2era,for more information pm me on skype : kotopuolo best price u could ever find :)
  3. Hello,im selling adena on l2saga.net for more information pm me on skype skype : kotopuolo price 1 euro if u find cheaper i will make it cheaper
  4. Hello,im selling adena on l2thegame.com(High5) stock is 5 Billion for more info pm me on skype : kotopuolo
  5. Hello,i am selling scripts for adrenaline,for every H5 server that adrenaline is available and have alt b, pve scripts(auto restock,auto teleport,auto walk to spot,auto to village and back etc..) pvp scripts Reskill ( It will target the guy that stand up in a chosen range) Reskill that can be edited for 9v9 fights(GVGS,u can edit 9 names to reskill those names with priority) Breakcast ( Using a skill(ur choise) to interupt skills of the enemies that u chose) Anti - Aggro OverBuff Potions ( After a certain buff count,it will use potions to protect your good bufs from canceling) Safecast ( it will cancel your target when you're casting so u cant get interrupted) Hotkey Targets ( U can assing some keys from keyboard to target certain classes , for example Q u target hell knights etc) Assist Button ( U choose a button and a name of your party,and when u press it u will assist him) Anti-Backstab (when someone is trying to backstub u,ur char will do a ministep to avoid the damage) Hold-Target (If you lose your target by auraflash or something like this,it will go back to the same target) Anti-fear (if they cast fear on you,it will change to Walk and if u get feared it will remove your windwalk,and song of wind if its possible) Cancel ( it will do cancel the same time ur mainassister will use it ) Aurablast,Deathshot,MultipleShot ( It will use these skills the same time your main assister uses them) Skype : Kotopuolo