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  1. Hello,im selling items,adena,epics on https://l2saga.net/ for more info pm me on skype : kotopuolo
  2. i dont get it,why you are toxic,if u wanna be toxic,get out of the topic,you are not being helpfull,just pretending to be smart,get lost already low life scrub
  3. not anymore,u need to pay for it after 1 week trial
  4. Sorry if i am posting on the wrong forum place,if i do please move my post I wanted to ask if there is any crack for teamviewer 14?i dont wanna pay for this program
  5. Seems to be a good project,we gonn give it a shot,hope to see everyone there i need to farm some pvps :), gl @iOllie
  6. oh okay thank you very much
  7. what do you mean image result page?im new on this sorry
  8. https://imgur.com/a/m52ctk0
  9. it will insta load the pic inside the post?because i tried that aswell and it didnt
  10. Hello,i would like to ask how i can put pictures on my posts?i tried [.img] URL [./img] but it didnt work