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  1. Request fto4games fairytail

    Hello,im wondering if anyone here got any character there that is not playing and is willing to share
  2. WTS L2dragon(TOP PRICE)

    Hello,i am selling adena on l2dragon.net with the best price and the fastest respond stock 250bilion price 0,6euro/bilion skype : kotopuolo
  3. Custom-Pvp Servers' Balance

    Oh thast great news mate
  4. Hello,im selling items and adena on l2 dragon. Adena(60 bilion stock) Contact skype :kotopuolo Payment method paypal only Price depends on you,you tell me the best price you've found,i make a better offer :) (soon to add more items)
  5. Best Time To Play?

    october because its 1month after summer holidays,so you're getting ready to dominate a server again ^^
  6. Xbox1 Or Ps4?

    ps4 cause of style :p
  7. Hello people

    Hello people,im a new seller on much servers(or at least trying to be one) maybe you've seen some of my posts already,and for sure you will see more :) Peace
  8. pride/finest style with upgrades like cloaks,and proper balance
  9. Dagger Sa (Interlude Server) Vote!

    critical damage i think
  10. its not the easiest thing,but if you achieve it,it will be for sure super nice,so try it :)
  11. Would You Join A Freya Server?

    Yeah if it has nice files
  12. Would You Play That?

    Yes for sure
  13. Discussion PK vs SK

    i think sk cause of the paralyse
  14. Custom-Pvp Servers' Balance

    Nice guide,wish you will open a server :)